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Reflexology Massage To Get Clear Skin, Bouncy Hair And Overall Wellbeing

by Fashionlady
Reflexology For Hair

Reflexology Massage

We’ve heard about acupressure, and we have heard many praise the concept of reflexology massages too- they work wonders when combined for hair and skin! When you practice any of the mentioned reflexology massages daily- ten minutes to the max, you literally have magic coming out from your finger tips. Reflexology helps bring down the levels of stress, coughs and colds, congestions in the body and more. When used the right way, the techniques can help with bouncy hair and glowing skin to attain- this is the magic of rightly done reflexology massages.

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Reflexology Benefits – How Does It Work?

When you learn how to motivate the pressure points in the body to work for beautiful hair and skin, it helps improve the metabolism levels and the circulation of blood under the skin and the hair follicles. Oxygen levels are transported to every part of the body, through the blood stream. This is why when we run or walk a little more than the rest, we tend to blush and glow- not because of sweating only, but because there is a rush of blood on our face and the exposed parts of our bodies.

Reflexology Benefits

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Begin With The Heavenly Appearance

The heavenly appearance is located at the back of your jaw line and an inch or two below the ear lobes on either side. This is a pressure point which helps bring in more glow to your skin, which is why we should focus with a massage right here. The reflexology benefits through this massage extend to balance the thyroid gland and also stops hives from happening.

Reflexology Massage For Face

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Next We Shall Talk About The Heavenly Pillar

The Heavenly Pillar- a pressure point that is located at the skull’s base and where the spine is attached is an important zone to focus on- for good skin especially. The heavenly pillar needs some love here, and more than just focusing on the reflexology massage for face or learning more on the types of reflexology massage and facial reflexology, one needs to place pressure on this area for three minutes each morning and night. This is especially helpful for women and girls suffering from breakage, acne, pimples, insomnia, eyestrain etc.

Types Of Reflexology Massage

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Lay Focus On The Third Eye

The third eye since time immemorial has been spoken off as a wonder chakra that helps stimulate the pituitary gland. The main endocrine gland is the pituitary gland that helps condition the air follicles and the skin. Tips for glowing skin and reflexology for hair to share here would be by slightly pressing this area for two minutes each morning and night, using the index finger only.

Facial Reflexology

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To Do Away With Dark Spots, Age Lines And Blemishes

One of the best ways to do away with dark spots, age lines and blemishes would be to use reflexology benefits. What you should do is to focus on the area a centimeter below the eye socket ridge, which helps to reduce blemishes. This is the area near the zygomatic bone or the cheek bone and below the iris. Application of pressure here should not be more than a minute. This process would help you attain blemish free skin and no acne to deal with later.

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Tips For Glowing Skin

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The Three Mile Point

What is the three mile point in reflexology? The three mile point helps tone and strengthen the muscles, improves hair and skin too and conditions your body inside out. The area to focus on would be four centimeters around the kneecap and somewhere close to the shin bone. The point needs to be pressed using two fingers with gentle massages and tugs- circular motions only. Five minutes a day is what you need- watch how the skin glows and your hair bounces in a week!

Reflexology For Legs

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We strongly advise the help of a trained and a certified holistic trainer here; home DIY methods for beginners isn’t recommended for the same. Did you like our post on the Tips for Gorgeous Hair and skin using reflexology? Do write in!

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