Best Body Scrubs In India That Make Your Skin Soft And Supple

best body scrubs in india

Manisha Koirala is praised always by her makeup artists, and most have said she has the softest skin to touch and work on. Would you like such praises for yourself too? If the answer is YES, which should be the answer to the question we just asked, here are a couple of the best body scrubs in India, which help remove dead skin cells, brings back cell revitalization and also helps with skin glow too.

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Best Body Scrubs For Soft Skin

Do read on and check with your spa lady as to which of the best body scrubs for soft skin you should buy and use.

Biocare Shea Butter Body Scrub

Who doesn’t want to have smooth and soft skin, so youthful and radiant? Biocare has heard your plea and brings to you the goodness of shea butter in a body scrub. The product has great reviews, talking about how it helps exfoliate and clean the skin using natural ingredients and formulas that increase the resiliency and suppleness of the skin as well. For deep hydration needs, you would need to use this body scrub thrice a week, while you shower.

top body scrubs in india


Ananda Wild Rose Salt Scrub / Bath Salt

The Ananda Wild Rose Salt Scrub / Bath Salt is perfect for dry, combination, oily and sensitive skin types. The formula within helps boost the nervous system and balances your mood as well, and reviews says it also is an antidote to depression too. Stimulate your skin glands and the circulatory system, the lymphatic system too with this detox formula that removes plenty of waste fluids and toxins from the body. The exfoliation technique as done with the product helps remove dead skin cells and brings vibrancy to the skin too.

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body scrubs for soft skin


Votre Body Scrub

Talking about the best body scrubs for soft skin, we would consider Votre body scrub to be as one of the best in India. Consider this as one of the best spa treatments you can give yourself at home. This is a spa treatment that helps the skin purify itself and smoothen itself too, removing dead skin cells, dirt, grime, impurities and also polishes the skin as well. Plenty of hydration involved, the product helps nourish the skin and is dermatologicaly tested too.

body scrub for smooth skin


Fabindia Neem Tulsi Gel Scrub Body And Face

Let’s get deeper into the desi touches for body scrubs and choose the Fabindia Neem Tulsi Gel Scrub Body And Face product for scrubs this time. The formula is a perfect blend of tulsi, walnut and neem which ensures deep cleansing of the skin sans the dryness and stretchy after effects. Remove the dirt and grime from the skin that leads to pimples and acnes with one session, and also get rid of white and black heads too. Perfect for those who love the gentle pampering and exfoliation, the formula is a must-have in all beauty vanity boxes.

Best Body Scrub


Breathe Aromatherapy Indian Ubtan Face & Body Scrub

The Breathe Aromatherapy Indian Ubtan Face & Body Scrub is an amazing addition to the list of the best body scrubs in India simply because along with nourishment and cleansing, the power of aromatherapy works wonders to soothe the mind, the body and the soul. A gentle scrub on the face and the body with pure vetiver rose oil, turmeric and clary sage is the best pampering treatment you could give yourself. You can also get the skin bouncing back to life with this product, which helps reawake the skin cells and allows every inch of your body to breathe.

best body scrubs


Chocomania Body Scrub by BODY SHOP

If you ever want a touch of chocolate and plenty of antioxidants working miracle on your body in the form of a scrub, the Chocomania Body Scrub works like magic. Get all the dead skin cells removed and enhance micro circulation in the blood with a scrub comprising real cocoa butter and cane sugar. Your skin would shine and look smooth, feel soft and supple too. the aroma of cocoa and chocolate heightens your senses and makes your mood better too.

body scrubs in india


Victoria’s Secret Romantic Wish Stimulating Body Scrub

The Victoria’s Secret Romantic Wish Stimulating Body Scrub is a formula fit for the princess and the queen; quite a heightened way to pamper the skin and the body. Works best on wet or dry skin, not damp. The product in all its fragrant foam and luxe formula helps with removal of dead skin cells, pigmentation and dirt or grime and excess oils too. Sensual scrub for smooth skin assured!

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Do let us know your thoughts on the seven best body scrubs in india we just spoke about!

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