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Rose Oil Benefits: Transform Your Life With This Essential Oil!

by Fashionlady
Rose Oil For Face

Rose Oil For Beauty

If there’s an essential oil which has so many properties and plus smells amazing, we are sure everyone would like to have it with them. Rose oil benefits are so many that people all over the world are now slowly realizing how great this oil can be.

What is Rose Oil?

Rose oil is basically an essential oil that is made by mixing rose petals and essential oils such as jojoba, vanilla or olive oil, depending on your taste.

In this article we will talk all about rose oil benefits for skin, hair and health and how to make it at home. We are sure that by the end of this article you will realize that you should definitely have some rose oil at home or even brew some to keep at home. Trust us; this oil is a magic potion!

Some of the therapeutic compounds in rose oil include:

Citronellol: Also found in citronella, this one acts as a mosquito repellant.

Carvone: You can also include rose oil in your diet because this particular element helps in digestion.

Citronellyl Acetate: The main component that gives rose its aroma.

Eugenol: Known as the richest anti-oxidant in the world.

Methyl Eugenol: This one is a local antiseptic and anesthetic.

Phenyl Geraniol: This component is commonly used in perfumes and fruit flavorings.

Benefits of Rose Oil

Rose oil has been used since ages by our ancestors for a variety of reasons. Not only can it cure fever and pain, but rose oil pregnancy also works great for expecting mothers. Let’s check out some of the most popular cures that rose oil contributes to.

1. Depletes Depression

Unlikely use, right? Well, researchers in China conducted an experiment with mothers who had just given birth. It is common knowledge that a lot of women will battle post-partum depression and rose oil can be a savior for them. Women with post-partum depression were given rose oil in a diffuser as they slept or a few drops were put on their pillows. Over a period of time it was seen that these women were less anxious and also felt feelings of joys and hope.

Rose Oil For Body

2. Anti-Inflammatory Agent

Rose oil is amazing as an anti-inflammatory agent and is used not only as an antiseptic for wounds, but it can also work well to reduce inflammation. Just use a few drops of the rose oil on your wound or an inflamed region and you would see the difference in a few minutes. Sometimes the rose oil may be very strong, so in this case just mix it with a few drops of coconut oil and rub the concoction on the affected region.

3. Acne Banisher

Most teenagers are plagued constantly by acne. Not just acne, but they also leave behind pretty bad blemishes. Rose oil is great as an acne banisher and applying it regularly will help to reduce the dark spots too. The antiseptic properties in rose oil are great to kill the pimple germs and also prevent more pimples from occurring. Do not use rose oil directly on your pimples because it might burn. Either dilute the rose oil with coconut oil or water and use a cotton swab to put it on your pimple. It might sting a little, but over time you will see that your pimples will slowly disappear.

4. It keeps your skin hydrated

Similar to jojoba oil, Rose oil is highly moisturizing. Most of the emollients and creams will have rose oil extracts because it will keep your skin smelling like roses and at the same time moisturize it too.

5. It can clear away wrinkles

Using rose oil daily in your skincare regimen can have an amazing effect on older and more mature skin. Research has indicated that rose oil is a very good astringent and can help to decrease the appearance of wrinkles. Astringents usually help to reduce the appearance of pores too.

8. Aphrodisiac Par Excellence

Did you know that rose oil can also be a great mood lifter? Not only does rose oil battle depression and anxiety, but Ayurveda suggests that rose oil can be used in the bedroom too. Taking a bath in rose oil can lift the mood and make you feel passionate and loving. Rose oil is known as a great stimulant and can also act as a libido booster.

A word of caution while using rose oil.

Though rose oil has some amazing benefits, too much of it can be quite difficult to handle, especially if you are carrying a child. Rose oil may lead to miscarriage if used incorrectly. So please be extra cautious when you are using rose oil during pregnancy time.

How to Make Rose Oil

DIY rose oil isn’t difficult to make because you need very little supplies. Everything you need to make rose oil is just available in any store. Before you start making DIY rose oil, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Choosing the herb: Only use the leaves and flowers. Discard the stems and branches.
  • Choosing the spices: Always choose aromatic spices and make sure you crush them before you use them.
  • When using rose, make sure you separate all the petals from the main flower before using them with the above two ingredients.

How to Make Rose Oil

DIY Rose Oil: Basic Infusion

If you are making rose oil for the first time, the best thing would be to start with the basic oil making procedure. Here are the steps for the basic rose oil:


  • Rose petals
  • Essential oil – lavender/Vanilla

Step-by-Step Process

  • Take the petals from your flowers; choose buds which are partially opened. Take 1/4th cup of petals.
  • Now zip-lock the leaves in a packet and gently use a mallet to tap the petals. This will bruise the leaves a bit and make it easier to release the oils and fragrance.
  • Now take all the petals and drop it into a small container. Pour the essential oil of your choice (lavender or vanilla, depending on your choice). Shake it well and keep the container with the leaves infused overnight.
  • The longer the leaves are dipped in the oil, the better. Now strain the oil and remove the remnants of the petals from this concoction.
  • Now, repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 until you get the required amount of rose oil. The more you add the rose petals, the stronger fragrance it will have. Keep doing this process until you reach the fragrance of your choice.
  • Now store the potion in a tiny jar which can be sealed. This will ensure that the fragrance remains airtight.

DIY Rose Oil Recipe – Advanced

If you want something even stronger and more potent, follow the below steps. This is the process to get a very strong rose oil concoction.


  • Water
  • Jojoba oil
  • Rose petals

Step-by-Step Process

  • Boil 2 cups of water.
  • Use jojoba oil or olive oil or any other essential oil of your choice and pour it in a small container. Now take this container and keep it in the vessel with boiled water. This will help to keep the oil warm. We are suggesting jojoba oil because it helps to keep the fragrance of oil much longer than any other essential oils.
  • Shred or crush some rose petals and place these petals in the jar. Cover them and keep it aside.
  • Once the water cools down, take the container and put it on a window sill. Let the soaking continue for at least 1 week to increase the potency of the concoction.
  • Now after a week, take the rose petals and squeeze all the oil out of it. Now store the finished rose oil in an airtight and close jar.

So these are the two methods on how to make rose oil at home. Depending on your liking and expertise, you can choose any one of the above processes.

We hope this mini guide on rose oil benefits comes in handy.

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