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Is It Safe To Wear Too Much Makeup? Let’s Find Out

by Fashionlady
Wear Too Much Makeup

Is It Safe To Wears Too Much Makeup

Let’s face it, even if we do not apply too much makeup on a daily basis, chances are we are floored by the looks most makeup vloggers and fashionistas put out there. It is but an every day item that we want to use, but somehow we tend to shirk. For some of us, we have to wear makeup every day, either to conceal flaws or for the jobs that we are in.

Before we go ahead, let’s define what makeup actually means! With the term being used pretty much these days, makeup means to enhance the facial features. Some makeup products and cosmetics are used for cleansing and treating the skin, or to protect the skin as well.

Do you know what makeup does to your skin?

In most scenarios, the use of makeup would not harm the skin, however, there are certain products which may. This is why, it is so important for you to use any brand of makeup with care- keeping in mind the suitability to your skin type and condition too. What are the skin types and conditions? Here they are-

  • Oily skin, where the oil production is high and the skin is denoted with large pores, acne prone and blackheads set home on such skin pretty easy
  • Sensitive skin is not a type but a condition, and is denoted with intolerance to the sun, tightness of the skin and a stinging sensation when any products come into contact with it.
  • Dry skin is denoted with patchiness, dullness, roughness and flakiness, and the skin is always prone to itchiness
  • Normal and combination skin types are oily in the T zone mostly and the dryness is seen elsewhere.

Now most of us would have a very good idea of what skin type or condition we have, but we may not be able to recognise the same or the type of underlying disorder we may have. There are issues and conditions, such as contact dermatitis and eczema, sun damage, sun spots, blemishes, rosacea, port wine stains and more that can cause the skin to look dead, dull and also inflamed and disrupted too. The skin barrier is weak and needs help, not makeup in such cases.

Makeup for Different Types of Skin

Source: moyoway.com

If the skin suffers from inflammation or tenderness or itchiness, it would turn red, bumpy and lump. Such skin conditions fall under the hyper-sensitive zones, and they are tight and dry, and can irritate pretty easy too. They are also identical to those that are caused by cosmetic reactions and that is why, before assuming what makeup to use, one has to know the cause too.


Source: beautyhooked.com

Cosmetics can cause skin problems too!

When you use a lot of makeup, including too much eye makeup, chances are that you may suffer from the following problems-

1. Acne cosmetica, which is a form of acne that happens when you use certain cosmetic products on the face and around the eyes. These are cosmetic products that actually are known to cause pore blockages and comedone formation, and they look like small rash like bumps and pimples coming onto the skin. In most cases, it would be the dead skin cells along with the makeup over it, that cause the blockage of pores and not just the makeup.

A Lot Of Makeup

Source: reneerouleau.com

2. Mild inflammation which makes the skin turnover and pore clogging happen all too fast. In most cases, it would be the mineral oil that is blamed as the culprit. It would not be possible for one to ascertain if any of the ingredients on the list are to be blamed or the formulation of the makeup, the quantity as well.

3. Irritant dermatitis happens more to those who have pre-existing sensitive skin types. Even women with an underlying barrier disruption would face this condition. For example, if someone is suffering from rosacea or eczema, they could have itchy and scaly rash infested skin, blisters or weepy skin after using makeup. It can happen all of a sudden or can take time, maybe weeks before it can show up on the skin. This makes it very difficult and tough to identify the cause of rash breakouts.

4. Allergic contact dermatitis is another disorder that happens, when the individual’s skin gets to sensitive and sensitized to a particular ingredient that has been blended or brushed onto the skin. The skin would develop red and itchy rashes and patches, and can be accompanied by blisters and swelling, which can happen in a day or two after being exposed to that particular ingredient.

With that being said, you now should know what if any, are the ingredients in makeup and cosmetics that should be avoided like the plague!

1. Preservatives and fragrances are used in the manufacturing of makeup and cosmetics, which does a lot of harm to the skin and should be avoided. They are the cause for contact allergy that affects most skin types and result from cosmetics. Did you know that there are thousands of fragrances used in many makeup and skin care products?

2. Foaming agents such as coconut diethanolamide, lanolin and preservatives etc and even your humble sunscreen agents, preservatives and parabens, formaldehydes and quats15 etc are must to use as ingredients in most liquid based formulations and makeup or cosmetics. This helps the product stabilise and does not allow microbes to grow in them. But does that guarantee that our skin is safe? No! This is because, research and studies have shown that even natural and the so called organic products will cause irritation and allergy, if the skin does not accept it.

3. Experts opine, unless you know of the allergy or the sensitivity you face when using makeup, and before questioning yourself about your allergy and sensitivity conditions, check if the product is hypoallergenic or not. There are no specific ingredients as such to avoid, but look for products that are non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic if you have sensitive skin.

Lot Of Makeup

Source: totalbeauty.com

1. Clogged pores

In most cases, the makeup used would have natural ingredients and synthetic formulas in it, silicones too and even petrochemicals in it, which can block the pores, and are highly comodegenic too. These get trapped in the pores and combine that with dirt, grime, dead skin cells etc, they cause breakouts and blackheads. So if you think you have applied too much makeup or too much eye makeup, once the occasion is over and done with, give your skin a good cleansing up routine and let the pores breathe free after that whole night.

2. Risk of infection

It is not just your face that needs to be cleaned everyday, but your makeup bag too. Did you know, after every use, there are chances of bacteria and pathogen to grow in your makeup? The same would be with the brushes that go on your eyelids and the face, mascara wands too- all of them are very vulnerable in developing bacteria that is harmful and devastating to the skin. Experts say, when we use makeup, we have a chance of ingesting it and getting infected too. You can prevent this from happening, by tossing away products and tools that are not in use anymore or outdated, and never ever share the same products and tools with your gal pals.

3. Wrinkles worsen over time

It is a fact that the more we touch our skin and use makeup, the more our skin would be prone to developing wrinkles. This is because, our skin is delicate and when we constantly rub and tug and pull at it, it causes the elasticity to run amok and turn loose. This makes the skin more wrinkled over time, say experts. So as we put on more and more products on our skin, the delicate skin around the eyes and the chin and the lips would lead to wrinkle formation. Always remember, less is more when it comes to makeup application, and it is safe for your skin too.

Too Faced Makeups

Source: extrabeautycare.com

4. Risks of side effects

Most of us are very concerned about our diets and eating healthy organic foods to stay fit and in good shape, arent we? However, when it comes to our makeup products, we run after anything and everything that promises the flawless look. Do you realise that you are exposing your skin to chemicals and toxins every morning. The more our skin gets caked up, the lesser it gets to breathe and the pores get blocked. The esteemed Food and Drug Administration did a twelve year study on the same, and had over half the population of makeup users complaining about side effects from cosmetics and branded makeup they have used.

4. Makeup removers would be needed

Most of the makeup removers have chemicals in them, which would not only rip away the natural oils of the skin but also would dry up the skin and cause premature signs of ageing too. Even a cleanser would have the same amount of preservatives and chemicals in it, and that is why, cleansing the skin twice a day is a must, but the natural way would be best. Using commercially produced makeup removers twice a day would not be advisable.

Makeup Removers

Source: baseballsandbeauty.com

With that being said, instead of lamenting on the fact that most call you Too faced makeup, you can now help repair your skin and apply lesser but effective makeup. Here’s how.

Repair your skin

Some of us cannot stay without the heavy makeup look everyday, and that is okay. What you need to make sure about is that you take care of your skin while doing your makeup everyday.


You must start with cleansing the skin with natural products everday, before and after applying your makeup. This will help keep the skin nice and clear. When the skin is at its prime health, you would end up with better application of makeup too. Instead of wondering if you use too much eye makeup , focus on using an eye cream at night and using anti-ageing serums after the cleansing is done.

Too Much Eye Makeup

Source: youtube


When you get into the habit of washing and cleaning your face everyday, and every night, you should then start exfoliating your skin to bring back the shine, once every fifteen days… The key here is to have a weekly exfoliation done in a gentle manner, which helps get the dead skin cells removed. Also if you are using commercial makeup wipes, chances are that most remnants of makeup would not be wiped away. Hence using clay masks once every fifteen days would be the best thing to do. They suck out the dirt from the skin like a pro and they are non-abrasive too.

Women Wear Too Much Makeup

Source: independent.co.uk

We would not want to stop here, but when you wear too much eye makeup and any makeup for the face, there are chances of risks and side effects galore. Some of them are mentioned below!

Makeup has harmful side effects

1. You can have headaches

There are chemicals such as DMDM Hydantoin and Diazolidinyl urea in makeup, and the two of them are known to release fair amounts of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a dangerous ingredient that is used in the making of many cosmetics and makeup products, and is used as a preservative too. The two can cause irritation to the mucous membrane and also headaches too. It can even cause plenty of eye damage in the long run as well. Instead of wearing a lot of makeup, try going easy on it for a while and notice the difference.

Too Much Makeup

Source: dailymail.co.uk

2. Acne, pimples, pustules, and more

The overuse of makeup can make that happen. These are very common side effects that many makeup users across the world have already experienced. When the skin is covered with too much makeup, it gets clogged in the process. There are makeup types that comes in cream and liquid forms, and they can clog the pores of the skin. This would lead to comedone and blackhead formation, and if the foundation is not cleansed off well, the skin can erupt into rashes and acne.

3. Chemicals can cause skin allergies

Isopropyl paraben, ethyl paraben and butyl paraben are preservatives used in many makeup products that help stop the growth of bacteria in cosmetics. However, it is the same parabens that can cause a plethora of allergies on the skin, and they can cause blemishes and blotches too. Even salicylate, which is used in cosmetics as an ingredient can cause rashes and breakouts on the skin that are very painful; hives in sensitive skin too.

4. Infection of the eyes

Even if someone does not use too much makeup on the face, in most cases too much eye makeup is used. But remember, the area around the eyes; the skin around the eyes especially, is known to be the thinnest and the most sensitive. So every time you apply makeup, you are tugging and pulling the skin here and this can be damaging

5. Skin cancers

Did you know, most of the makeup that is made commercially has a lot of chemicals in them. They could cause cancers of the skin. This is why, the FDA has regulations in place and there is a lot of testing done before the product is put out on the shelves for sale. Some products have coal tar and phenacetin, benzene and untreated mineral oils in it as well, and they are culprits that harm the skin too. There is also ethyl oxide, cadmium and chromium and quartz along with arsenic in makeup products too. Imagine what happens to your skin when you wear too much eye makeup or any makeup for that matter.

Do i Wear Too Much Makeup

Source: guardian.ng

This is why, wearing a lot of makeup is not advised certainly. So what you can do is to look very classy without wearing a lot of makeup. Here’s how.

Look classy with lesser makeup

1. learn to eat nourishing and nutritious foods that would enhance the texture of the skin and make it glow too. Here are some fruits and veggies to consume for glowing skin.

2. You must remember to drink a lot of water everyday. This will help flush the toxins out of the system and the skin would glow and be thankful for the same.

3. Good nights sleep also known as the beauty sleep is a must. This is the time when the skin starts repairing itself and you will have no dark circles, skin discoloration etc

4. Be concious about the cosmetics you use, read the ingredients well and then decide what to wear on your skin.

5. Do exercise everyday, at least for half an hour because that would make you sweat. Sweating helps flush out the toxins of the body through the pores of our skin

Is It Safe To Wear Too Much Makeups

Source: webhealthjournal.com

6. You must follow a skin care routine everyday, should you want your skin to stay in the pink of health. A light massage, cleansing, toning and moisturising is a must.

7. Remember to exfoliate your skin, once every fifteen days. This helps remove the dirt, grime, makeup remnants and dead skin cells from the skin. This will also help bring back the long lost glow to the skin as well

8. Beat the stress by meditating and doing yoga, deep breathing as well

9. Once a month, do get a good facial and a face massage using natural ingredients. This helps boost circulation, enhances product penetration in the skin and massages are exercises for the skin to have.

Too Faced Makeup

Source: skincareorg.com

10. Green tea should be had twice a day since it has antioxidants in it that beat the free radicals and prevent signs of ageing

11. Do not pop and burst pimples. Check with our previous posts on the many home remedies on how to get pimples to leave your skin naturally.

12. Have dietary supplements. For this, you should consult your doctor and get the needful intake done.

13. Stop consuming too much junk food and drinks. They are nothing but empty calories which will bring in more toxins to the body

14. Invest in a night cream, which is a must if you want the cell turnover to happen the efficient way whilst you snooze each night.

Anti Wrinkle Cream

Source: amazon

15. Check with our previous posts and learn how to make you own DIY masks. They help with cleansing, toning and exfoliating the skin, which should be done once in fifteen days.

16. Sleep as much as possible on silk pillow cases, since they do not rub against the skin too much and they do not pull out your hair too

Is It Safe To Wear Too Much Makeup

Source: mypkworld.com

We hope this mini guide on is it safe to wear too much makeup comes in handy and makes for good reading sense too. What are your thoughts? We still would not have an answer to “ do i wear too much makeup” since it is very subjective, but do let us know what are your limits on makeup wearing and use!

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