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Saree Kuchu Designs: Try Tassels To Give Your Drape A Designer Finish!

by Fashionlady
Saree Kuchu Designs

Do you have an important function in the family but don’t want to spend a bomb on buying a new sari? Have you heard about saree kuchu designs? If you can relate to the above situation and are clueless it’s time to read this post. Learn here about how tassels can give your humble sari a designer makeover without burning a hole in your pocket! Excited already? Check out this article!

Saree Kuchu Designs

Source: facebook.com/KrishneTassels

“Kuchu” is the perfect fairytale ending to a saree through the tasseled embellishments. Not only do saree tassel designs give a special attraction to the pallu with handwork and detailing, they also add a charming twist to a sari. Kuchu work is an old traditional art of decorating sarees using beads, crochet, tassels, and thread work.

Latest Saree Kuchu Designs

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Latest Saree Kuchu Designs You Must Try This Festive Season:

Here are some beautiful saree kuchu designs which will help you stand out from the crowd with this timeless art.

1. Add Contrast To Your Rich Sari Color:

This orange silk saree no doubt looks resplendent with its fusion of rich hues like red and gold. But what enhances its appeal further is the saree tassel design on its pallu. The magenta colored tassel work with gold beads makes this silk saree a stand-alone piece because of its rich contrast.

Saree Tassels

Source: knottythreadz.com

2. Get Creative With Crochet And Tassels:

This best saree kuchu design shows a beautiful contrast of green crochet thread work with gold beads and purple tassels. The mix of creativity and imagination is so appreciable here.

Saree Tassel Designs

Source: facebook.com/Create4you

3. Connect With Nature With Leafy Saree Tassels:

This unique saree kuchu design has tassels in the form of autumn-leaf like pattern. The tassels are made from small colorful beads which further enhance the beauty of the saree. It is a must-try for all nature lovers.

Leafy Saree Tassels

Source: letsgetdressed.in

4. Say It With Pearl Tassels:

Go ahead and turn your plain saree into a gorgeous party wear by adding some pretty and exotic pearl embellishments as saree kuchu designs. Wear pearly jewelry to double the wow effect of this sophisticated style statement.

Pearl Tassels For Saree

Source: letsgetdressed.in

5. Experiment With Crochet Kuchu And Beads Combo:

Fine and elegant crochet work in saree tassel designs with hanging beads makes this saree perfect for grand celebrations. Add this to your regular silk saree and get ready to look no less than a showstopper!

Saree Crochet Kuchu

Source: in.pinterest.com/kavithak3

6. Spin Some Magic With Dual-Colored Tassels:

This wedding collection in tassels gives you a combination of three tassel forms – glitter beads, traditional kuchu, and crochet patterns. Premium silk thread is used for the tassels so that you create an heirloom piece.

Traditional Saree Kuchu Designs

Source: krishnetassels.com

7. Nail It In Style With Metal Embellishments And Silk Tassels:

Taking the saree look to the next level is the usage of metal beads in saree kuchu designs. The chemistry looks great when you have Tussar sarees in metallic colors, or for that matter any plain saree which has a simple metallic-toned weaving. It is a great wardrobe idea for the chic diva who wants to turn heads wearing some statement silver jewelry.

9. Flirt With Geometric Beads In Your Saree Kuchu:

This saree has a beautiful beaded kuchu work adding flair to its beauty. The geometric shape of the bead will effortlessly add a quirky element to your traditional sari!

How To Make Beaded Saree Tassels

Source: facebook.com/sareekuchu

Want to get creative and try your hand at making saree kuchu designs at home? Read ahead!

DIY How To Make Beaded Saree Tassels:

A saree pallu will look far more beautiful when it has been enhanced by beads or tassels. There is no limit to creativity when choosing tassels. Here are a few steps to go about making saree tassels and kuchu at home.

Materials Required:

  • Silk thread
  • Zari thread in golden color
  • Round Beads
  • Angular Beads
  • Needles (small and large)
  • Scissors



  1. Take ten strands of the silk thread.
  1. Thread the strands in a small needle.
  1. Pass the needle through the fabric and make a round bead.
  1. Pull the strands through the bead.
  1. Now cut off the strands. At the same time, see to it that the strands are long enough to tie the knots.
  1. Tie the knot. Make sure it is tight and is positioned just below the round bead. To get this done right, you may use a needle.
  1. Pass an angular bead through the strands.
  1. Repeat the process of putting a knot below the bead.
  1. Get the larger needle and pass fifty strands of silk thread through it.
  1. Pass the needle through the strands which should come between the bead and the knot below it.
  1. Adjust the length of the strands and cut off the extra thread.
  1. Use zari thread to tie the strands.
  1. Now you will see how tassels can make a sari look beautiful and elegant.
DIY Beaded Saree Kuchu

Source: mycreativeconfessions.blogspot.com


Remember, you always have the option to try saree kuchu designs of different colors (alternating between dark and light). This will give your sari an elegant finish. But first, check out the fabric material of the sari – if it is cotton, Matka silk or Tussar silk. Accordingly, you can take your call on the color of tassels you want to create.


Best Saree Kuchu Designs

Source: facebook.com/KrishneTassels

So how did you find these stunning saree kuchu designs? Which kuchu pattern you liked the most – in beads, crochet or pearls? Do you have a kuchu design sari in your wardrobe or you wish to add one? Tell us in the comments box below. Stay tuned for more fashion tips!

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