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The Saree To Suit Your Zodiac Sign

by Fashionlady
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We all have a signature style. Whether we’re shopping for a classic saree or a more contemporary piece to update our everyday wardrobe, there are certain colors and silhouettes we tend to gravitate toward over and over.
But why exactly is it that we like what we like? If you’re a believer in astrology, you might have heard the theory that your zodiac sign can have an impact on your sartorial choices. Whether or not you subscribe to it, it’s still fun to see what it has to say about your style, so here’s a rundown of how it’s meant to impact your taste.

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Arians are known for being passionate and fiery, so it’s little surprise that they tend to favor reds. From scarlet to crimson to vermillion, those who belong to this group like bold colors and simple silhouettes.


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For Taureans, comfort is key, and this extends to their choice of sarees. While bright, vibrant colors are favored, these are married to soft textures and traditional styling that requires minimal effort to carry off.


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Geminis are known for being charismatic and quirky, and this definitely extends to their style choices. While these ladies can switch from feminine to edgy in a day, their preference is for bold prints, bright colors, and lots of layering.


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If you ever have a reading done through a company like TheCircle, their experienced psychics will tell you that Cancers tend to be home birds who love family and tradition. Because of this, they like styles that speak to their femininity, so laces and silks are their go-to fabrics and delicate silhouettes are favored.


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Lady Leos are lionesses in every sense of the word. Reveling in attention, they like to have all eyes on them, so the brighter the palette, the better. Favoring golds, metallics, and yellows, their heavily embroidered sarees are sure to stand out from the crowd.


Source: Pixabay.com


Virgos are the epitome of womanhood, so it’s no surprise that they prefer ladylike styles and a feminine color palette. That being said, they’re not afraid to add their own twist, so will often incorporate belts or decorative jewelry into the mix. They also have a penchant for florals.


Source: Pixabay.com


Librans are friendly and sociable. Bringing light and warmth with them wherever they go, they’re style chameleons, as likely to go for sweet pastels as darker and more sophisticated hues. Unafraid to experiment with different silhouettes, they never wear the same saree twice.


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Known for being passionate and intense, Scorpios like to stand out from the crowd. Though their style is always classy, they’re not afraid to add an element of edginess to more traditional sarees. Liking rich, deep hues, such as scarlet, burgundy, and magenta, their preferred materials are lace and velvet.


Source: Pixabay.com


Source: Pixabay.com


Aquarians are dreamers, and their style reflects this. Leaning toward diaphanous fabrics and romantic colors, they tend to choose pastel-colored sarees with delicate sequin embellishments and soft, floating silhouettes.


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Last but not least, Pisces. Preferring minimalism to extravagance, Pisceans lean toward a traditional mermaid style, typically colored in light, fresh shades such as powder blue, lemon yellow, and baby pink.


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Tell us, does your zodiac sign describe your saree style down to a tee or does it not quite hit the mark?

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