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A Guide To Select The Perfect Shade Of Brown Hair Color For You

by Fashionlady
Shades of Brown Hair Color

You will fall in love with the shades of brown hair color we will highlight here. The colors are rich and suit all skin tones and the base tones of the hair as well.

Shades of Brown Hair

Without much ado, let us show you some most popular shades of brown hair color, which are easily identifiable and available in the shades of brown hair color chart too.

Different Shades of Brown Hair Color:

Check out this Brown hair color chart to pick the right shade for your mane makeover.

shades of brown hair color chart-min

Source: totalbeauty.com

1. Burgundy Browns:

Burgundy browns look amazing when you head out into the sun. This is a shade which will blend well with those who have light ginger hair, and if you want to just get streaks done, go right ahead.

Shades of Burgundy Browns

Source: therighthairstyles.com

2. Espresso Browns:

No, we are not talking about the drink here, but the hair color. Espresso is fresh and adds a zing to your hair the moment you color your hair with it. For those of you who have dark hair, you can color your mane with espresso brown highlights. And this is a color which goes well on every skin tone too.

Espresso Browns Hair Color

Source: quora.com

3. Ginger Brown:

This is a color which is known to be perfect for winter hair coloring. And this color would suit those that have a skin tone which is medium. It would be best not to go global with this color, but to have streaks of it in your hair. They look great with all eye colors too.

Ginger Brown Hair Color

Source: hairhighlights.info

4. Bronde Or Blonde Browns:

Bronde is also known as blonde brown and is a perfect shade for those with very fair skin to medium skin tones. This is a color that is very playful and vivacious, and it does not take much to care as well. For those with a carefree attitude, this is a color to choose.

Bronde Or Blonde Browns Hair Color

Source: ycnex2000.com

5. Platinum Browns:

This is a shade which looks amazing if you have olive skin. It also looks good on those with brown, blue, and gray eyes too. You can go full global or get streaks on the hair, which is straight, or opt for ombre on soft wavy hair as well.

Platinum Browns Hair Color

Source: styleoholic.com

6. Auburn Browns:

For those of us with lighter skin tones to medium skin tones, this is a shade that will work like magic. This is a color that brings out the twinkle in the eyes for sure and works best with very dark to black eyes. If you wear auburn streaks, it would bring more texture to your hair and add a sparkle and shine to your hair as well.

Auburn Browns Hair Color

Source: africanamericanhairstyling.com

7. Light Beige Browns:

Light beige browns work well with clothes that have shades of teal, dark gray, and reds on them. And this is a shade which works very well with both skin tones- warm and cool. This shade also adds dramatic effects to hair that is dull and brown. You can try ombre or balayage with this shade of brown hair color.

9. Cinnamon Browns:

If you would like a stunning new look, you must try the cinnamon browns. This is also a shade that you can wear to work or to college as well, and not an eyebrow would be raised. The shade of cinnamon is very peppy and fun to wear, and if you have light colored eyes, they would pop out too.

Cinnamon Browns Hair Color

Source: enciclopedia.us

10. Medium Ash Browns:

This is also a shade of brown, which is more on the medium violet browns. It is a very rebellious shade to wear in all forms. The shade works well on those who have an olive skin and helps bring out the lighter aspects of your eye color as well.

Medium Ash Browns Hair Color

Source: cancer-treatment.info

11. Medium Browns:

Medium browns are for those who like to keep it short and simple, yet sassy at the same time. The shade is known to add a lot of fun and flavour to hairstyles that are short, such as the bob. What this color does is accentuate the volume of hair and pops the eyes, should they be light colored.

Medium Browns Hair Color


12. Light Browns:

For a very business look and vibe, and yet a playful touch now and then, you can opt for light browns. You can go full global with this shade, or just add highlights to the hair to enhance your skin tone and bring an edgy touch to it. This is a shade that can be worn best at the workplace.

Light Browns Hair Color

Source: listal.com

13. Mahogany Browns:

To bring out the summerish playful side, you must try this shade of brown. If the hair is straight, it would be best to have streaks or highlights. However, if you have wavy hair and curls, it would be best to have soft touches done. This is a shade that enhances the look of light colored eyes.

Mahogany Browns Hair Color

Source: hairstylehub.com

14. Rich Dark Browns:

For those of us with a skin tone that is warm medium, this is a shade that will work best on our hair. You can go completely with this shade or highlight the hair- it will surely be an eye-catcher!

Rich Dark Browns Hair Color

Source: blushery.com

15. Dark Browns:

You could have any type of hair, curly, wavy, short or long, winter or summer, and dark brown hair, this shade will suit you just fine. This is a shade that can be worn to work or to college as well, especially where there are very conservative norms.

Dark Browns Hair Color

Source: ycnex2000.com

16. Dark Platinum Browns:

This is a shade which works like magic for those who have olive tones and cool tones. Highlights will be the best since nothing can ever go wrong with them. If you pair this hair color with royal blues on your clothing or accessories, it will pop up like a million stars.

Dark Platinum Browns Hair Color

Source: original-fish.com

17. Sweet Cola Browns:

Get this done as balayage and it will enhance your personality and face shape too. This is a shade for those who have a burning fashionable fire within, and it is a shade that adds a lot of flavor to your daily life.

Sweet Cola Browns Hair Color

Source: .hairstyleinsider.com

18. Chocolate Cherry Browns:

If you love all things cherry blossom, this is then a shade that would mesmerize you. This is a shade which will work best on skin tones that are light to fair, and medium too. Such shades add more spice to the fashionable touches you have, and hence, can be worn everywhere.

Chocolate Cherry Browns Hair Color

Source: hairstylishe.com

19. Reddish Browns:

For those with darker to medium skin tones, reddish brown hair color will suit just fine. This is a look which is not too bold but does give you an edge over the rest of the shades of brown.

Reddish Browns Hair

Source: truddie.com

20. Nude Browns:

Playful and edgy for sure, this is a shade of brown that suits all skin tones and looks very stunning with all eye colors too. You can go ombre with this shade to add some more magic to your hair.

Nude Browns Hair Color

Source: daraz.pk

21. Dark Chocolate Browns:

Dark chocolate browns look yummy and they suit almost every skin tone on this planet. You should be pairing up this hair color with shades of teal in what you wear. This will enhance the look.

Dark Chocolate Browns

Source: krystalizacja.co

22. Chestnut Browns:

Chestnut brown hair is a shade that speaks of all things gorgeous and happy. If your hair is flowy and long, this is a hair color that you should choose. This is a color that works well with those that have warm toned skin too.

The right way to use it will be to have nice brown streaks, which brings the green and the gray tones of the eyes to pop out.

Chestnut Browns hair color

Source: dissetteatre.com

Apart from the various brown hair color ideas we showed, do also look into the conservative ones that are caramel browns, honey brown hair color, medium brown hair color, and other brown hair color shades. So do write in and let us know, which of these shades caught your fancy the most? Or which of them would you want to try out!

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