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Signs of Unhealthy Living

by Fashionlady
Signs That Say That You Aren’t Taking Care Of Yourself

Today’s busy and fast life leaves us with no time for self-care. On the other hand, taking no notice of ourselves can lead to several health and beauty issues, which may eventually turn into complete disasters. So the question is, when is the time to show some extra self-love? Below are 9 simple signs that will let you know that you are not taking proper care of yourself, and that it is absolutely high time:

1. You are Always Tired

No matter whether it is the early refreshing morning or the end of an exhausting day, you always feel deadly tired. Well, if this is true, don’t blame your work pressure or your social life. It is actually you who is depriving yourself from sufficient sleep. Human body needs at least 8 hours of sound sleep daily. Otherwise, our energy gets drained and fatigue becomes our all-time companion. So, manage your time like a pro and make sure that you have restful sleep every single day. If you are having trouble sleeping, there are certain foods that cure insomnia. A hot bath or a soothing chamomile tea right before bedtime may help you in your way.

You are Always Tired

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2. You Have Put On Weight

Gaining unhealthy weight indicates that there is something wrong with your lifestyle. Hence, if you find your waist has gone thirty from twenty eight, in last one week, you should certainly pay better attention to yourself. At first, figure out whether it is your eating habit, or your lifestyle or any hidden disease which is making you overweight. Then start exercising and bringing changes to your lifestyle in view of that. The best exercise is walking to lose weight.

You Have Put On Weight

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3. You Have Turned Skinny

Losing massive weight is equally dangerous, unless you had been a plus-size person. If you suddenly start to lose weight and turn skinny, it also signifies that you are ignoring your health. Keep a close eye on your diet to ensure that you are getting all vital nutrients required by your body. A thorough physical check up by your physician is also necessary to determine that you are not suffering from any potential disease.

You Have Turned Skinny

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4. You are Having Abnormal Periods

Regular and normal menstrual cycle signals a good health and well-being. But if you experience irregular periods with abnormal bleeding tendencies, it is high time to look after yourself. Irregular menstruation can be a result of acute hormonal imbalances caused by poor diet, lack of exercise and disturbed sleep. You can try various home remedies for irregular menstrual periods and cramps. However, you must know the right reason and rectify it accordingly.


You are Having Abnormal Periods

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5. Your Skin is Dry and Peeling

A healthy skin reflects a healthy you. If your skin has become dry and flaky lately, it clearly means that it is seeking more attention from you. A grey, peeling skin needs to reinstate its lost natural moisture through proper diet, enough sleep and adequate hydration. Your habits of excessive drinking and smoking can also contribute to the changing texture and color of your skin.

Your Skin is Dry and Peeling

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6. You are Facing Acne Flare-Ups

In case frequent breakouts have become your worst nightmare all of a sudden, try to determine the culprit behind it. You’ll be surprised to know that it is none other than your taste buds, which are relishing all sorts of spicy, oily and highly processed food cravings since last few months. Give them a break and do your skin a favor. Your pimples will be under control for sure.

You are Facing Acne Flare Ups

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7. You Have Developed Dark Spots

There are some dark brown spots visible on your skin and they are increasing in numbers day by day. No, these are not acne marks darling! You have got age spots, which are basically skin discolorations caused by excessive sun exposure without proper sun protection. Stop skipping your sunscreen and if possible, try to pick a better one with SPF lying between 30 and 50. Make it a habit to wear sunscreen even if it is a cold or cloudy day.

You Have Developed Dark Spots

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8. Your Lips are Dry and Chapped

When was the last time you got delighted to see your sexy, juicy pout? If your lips are all dry and chapped now, you have to reconsider your habits of water intake. Low water consumption can rip the moisture out of your lips and make them super dry. Exfoliate them frequently with a damp washcloth in a very gentle manner. Also, keep a hydrating balm handy rather than licking your lips with your tongue.

Your Lips are Dry and Chapped

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