Step Aerobics: Is It The New Fat-Burning Secret Workout?


Step Aerobic

The fitness industry is vast and chaotic. There are so many different things developing every single day that you are totally confused on how to begin if you are on a quest to lose weight. The latest fad to hit the market is ‘Step Aerobic’ and in this article we will talk about what it is, how is it and whether it will assist you in your regimen to lose weight. So, let’s get started!

What Is Step Aerobics?

Step aerobic, as the name suggests, consists of exercises that involve steps. So do you need to perform these exercises near a staircase? Well, the answer to that is yes and no. Though step aerobic exercises involve stairs, it is usually performed on a raised platform and not on stairs because of the freedom of movement this platform can provide for a wide variety of steps. On staircases, you will have restricted movements.

When you do a set of step aerobic exercises, you will have some choreographed movements performed on a raised platform. This is usually a form of exercise that is punctuated by music. Most of the movements focus on the lower body, upper body and the cardiovascular system.


Though for step aerobic you have a plastic and non-slip raised platform, many gyms and health clubs will provide a kind of raised bench. The best part about learning step aerobics is that it does not require any training. If you can find a raised platform, you can start performing these exercises right at home. Simply start a video with instructions on how to begin and you are set!

List of Step Aerobics Moves:

Though you can incorporate your own styles on the step aerobic routine, here are some of the common moves that are generally performed:

Basic Step: Involves stepping up and down on the raised platform.

Step Aerobic Music

Corner Knee: When you do a corner knee move, you criss-cross and alternate your elbow to the other knee. Just follow the image:

Best Aerobic Step

Repeater Knee: The repeater knee move requires you to step up on the platform, kick your knees and again come back to the starting position.

Aerobic Step Workout

T-step: This move requires you to jump up on the platform and raise your knees and straighten your hands to the sides like forming a T-shape.

Aerobic step height T shape

V-Step: Similar to the T-step, the V-step is however, performed with your legs. So once you step up on the platform, you will need to stretch your legs and shape them in the form of a V.

List Of Step Aerobic Moves

I-Step: Step up on your platform, raise your legs and your hands and form the shape of an ‘I’!

Aerobic Exercise Step By Step

So, the above steps are some of the most common steps usually performed on the step aerobic exercise routine. Like we said before, this is a very versatile form of exercise and you can incorporate a lot of them in your daily regimen to achieve your exercise goals.

How Beneficial Are Step Exercises?

Like any other fat-burning exercise, step exercises can work wonderfully well to tone your body and assist you in losing weight. These are high-intensity workout exercises so they are really great for your cardio vascular health too. Your heart and lungs will function much better and regular sessions will help you develop your endurance. Apart from that, the hand-eye and leg-eye coordination will also improve to a large extent. Last but not the least, step aerobic exercises work great for increasing the strength and agility of your legs. In general, step exercises are a great way to improve your overall health and help you lose weight steadily but consistently. Try incorporating this new form of exercise and see how your body changes with time!

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