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The Best Workout To Do When You Have Your Period

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Workout During Period

Exercise In Periods

There is no woman out there who isn’t fearful of those days of the month. It is like having five Mondays in a row that too twelve times a year. What a pain! (we literally mean it ). Does that mean your world can come to a standstill for those five days? Not nearly so. You have to do everything you would do on a normal day. But, can we exercise during periods too? The answer is surprisingly yes. Though you might be feeling extra crampy, grumpy and fatigued, a good workout on your period can be pretty beneficial for us ladies. This time of the month doesn’t have the same effect on everyone and its impact may also vary from month to month, day to day. So, this time of the month shouldn’t affect your fitness routine much. The key to handling this scenario is maneuvering according to the needs of your own body.

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Workout On Your Period

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You can carry on with your workouts as usual while you’re on your period without any side effects. However, if you have got bad cramps and you are feeling overly tired, it’s okay to either take the intensity of your training session down a notch or maybe skip the workout altogether. But guess what? There are certain types of exercises in periods that you can try out, which actually help in reducing period symptoms or side effects.

Workout on your period days can help boost your mood, reduce the pain, and help you feel less sluggish. In this article, we are bringing you a list of the top exercises in periods.


Yoga is the top workout during period as it is very customizable. There are a number of asanas you can try to match your skill level staying within your comfort level. But, we highly recommend that you keep away from poses that include inversions and Headstands during your period. When you do yoga asans or stretches, the muscles in abdominal reigon get stretched, increasing blood flow to the pelvic area, thus relieving you of the intense cramps or constant pain.

Can We Exercise During Periods

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While any hardcore workout routine during your period is not advisable, you can always opt for long walks. It does you more good than a mild jog or adrenaline rushing running session. Apart from aiding in relieving cramps it also helps lessen the menstrual pain.


Good Workout On Your Period

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Light Jogging

If you’re feeling like you could take it up a notch further, you could actually go for a light jog or do some medium paced running. The endorphins that you release during the jog can help you beat the period blues sickening you. Remember to hydrate well before, after and during your jog, to avoid stressing yourself out excessively. Studies say that you dehydrate more easily on your period so stay on the safe side and keep cool.

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Exercise To Get Periods Immediately

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Aerobics are considered to be one of the best exercises for staying in shape. Sometimes, when you are on your period and you just want to go a little overboard, Aerobic might be the best idea. Plus, aerobics is typically focused on fun so it can greatly help in improving your mood while balancing PMS.

Workout On Your Period Days

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Light Dancing

Shaking it up doesn’t come into direct categorization of exercises in the true sense, but that doesn’t mean you don’t burn calories at all. This is a great option while you’re on your period because you can exercise indirectly and also end up feeling great about the whole experience. Stepping out into your dancing shoes and having a solo dance session can be both fun and make you feel pretty fabulous.

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