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What You Need To Do If Your Periods Coincides With Your Wedding Date

by Fashionlady
Periods Coincides With Your Wedding Date

Periods Coincides With Your Wedding Date
It’s every woman’s worst nightmare – getting your periods on the day of your wedding. Apart from being a huge inconvenience, it can even dampen your high spirits and make the entire wedding a very stressful event. And let us not even mention the honeymoon! So if, by some, If your periods coincides with your wedding date, then use this guide to help you through it.

If Your Periods Coincides With Your Wedding Date

Pre-pone or Post-pone Your Periods

One way to prevent having your periods during your wedding is to pre-pone or post-pone it. There are oral medications available that are meant to do just that. Talk to your gynecologist regarding the proper dosage and get to know exactly how it works. You don’t want to make any mistakes here, thereby reducing the efficacy of the medication. While there is still a lot of stigma attached towards taking medication that interfere with your menstruation cycle, I would say that this is one occasion wherein you will be fully justified in doing so. But act responsible and go to a gynecologist for a prescription. Self-medication or taking the advice from a friend is simply not a good idea in this regard.

But this option of taking oral medication to delay your period is only viable if you contact your gynaecologist well in advance, since the medication need a lot of time to start working. So be sure to contact your doctor a couple of months in advance to get it sorted out.

Pre-pone or Post-pone Your Periods

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Talk to Someone Who Has Gone Through the Same Thing

Find out if you have a friend or a close relative who’s had the same problem. You’ll be surprised at how reassured and optimistic you feel once you’ve heard about another person’s experience. Once you know that someone else went through what you’re dreading and came out pretty much unscathed, then your fears will be put to rest. Ask for pointers on how they managed, any advice that they can give you is valuable as you can’t really predict what or how the whole day will pan out.


Talk to Someone Who Has Gone Through the Same Thing

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Talk to Your Fiancé

Trust me, you will feel much more relaxed once you discuss the whole situation with your fiancé. Moreover, he has a right to know in advance; you do not want to spring it upon him as a surprise on the day of the wedding. Having your fiancé know about it means that he will be more considerate towards you, knowing that you are not only mentally exhausted with planning the wedding but are also physically tired, thanks to your periods. Look for the silver lining, this situation can actually make you guys come closer, with better understanding for each others’ feelings and emotions.

Take Some Precautionary Steps

Okay, so you’ve realized that your periods and your wedding date coincide and there’s nothing to be done, it’s too late already. It’s time to face up to reality and determine what precautionary measures you should take to ensure your wedding day goes as smoothly as planned.

The first thing to do is of course to stock up on sanitary pads. Buy the extra large, heavy duty ones. Ensure your bridesmaids have some in their bags at all time. And change your pad regularly to avoid overflow and leakage.

Secondly, wear another layer of clothing. If you’re wearing a lehenga on your wedding day, then consider wearing an underskirt to offer more protection against any potential staining. Also, appoint your maid of honour or a close friend as your confidante. She will have to watch out for any stains.

If you are likely to suffer cramps, consider having a bottle of lime mint juice handy. Sipping on it is said to help ease menstrual cramps. If you suffer from cramps and back pain, you might want to consider swapping your heels for more comfortable footwear.

If you are prone to breakouts around the time of your periods, you can have a photoshoot done with your fiancé prior to your wedding date. Go the full length and have your makeup and hair done and put on your wedding dress. That way, you will still have some great photos, without having to worry about if your breakouts look visible or if your skin looks washed out.

Getting your periods on your wedding day is not ideal, but if you know that it’s going to happen, being mentally and physically prepared for it is the only way to tackle such a delicate situation.

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