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Paraffin Wax Facials- Are They Safe And Beneficial Beauty Wise? We Got The Scoop!

by Fashionlady
Paraffin Wax Facial Benefits

Paraffin Wax Facial

There are many parlours that offer a wide range of facial services, which help restore the texture and the skin tone on our face and body. In this day and age, paraffin wax facials are seemingly popular amongst women over the age of 30, and for many good reasons too. Before we tell you more about paraffin wax facials, we would like you to be educated more on what it is, how it is beneficial for our skin and should we do it or not? Let’s read more about paraffin wax facials, shall we!

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Started Off In The 60s

The humble yet powerful paraffin wax facial began as a beauty trend and caught steam in the sixties, when the age of holistic treatments was on full swing. Even in ancient days, the romans were known to use paraffin for facials, and it is said that the women back then swore by the facials’ anti-ageing and skin brightening properties.

Paraffin Wax Facials

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However, you need to have a certified esthethician do this for you. do not attempt the same at home and alone!


An aesthetician with certification only can help you with the facial treatment that involves hot paraffin wax. This would be done with a gauze covering your face, and the warm paraffin wax would be brushed onto the mask. The gauze doesn’t allow direct contact of the warm molten paraffin wax on your skin, which prevents any burns from happening. At the same time, while protection is assured, the wax’s nutrients work its wonders onto your skin. When the wax is all dried up, the gauze is removed and the face is washed away.

Side Effects of Paraffin Wax

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  • The facial involving paraffin wax has high heat capacity, which means it helps open the pores of the skin. The pores let you sweat and removes toxins, dirt and grime as well. This is a facial that can remove the white and blackheads instantly.
  • The heat from the facial can help made the blood vessels in the face expand. This helps with more circulation on the facial zone and in turn, it helps brighten the skin’s complexion too.
  • The facial involving paraffin wax can also help retain and transfer heat to the body. Most would say this is one of the best ways to deal with stiff joint aches and pains, a frozen shoulder too while the facial is on. It helps soothe the muscles on the face as well. In turn, wrinkles are beaten and your skin gets a younger look too.
  • Did you know, paraffin wax facial benefits include the moisturizing of the skin as well? It helps open the pores and allows deeper penetration to happen too. The moisture is locked into the pores of the skin, with an ice-bath done after the paraffin wax is applied and removed. Perfect for mature women with dry to normal skin or flaky skin.
  • The muscles on the face get a calming effect, and that is why while the winter months are on, paraffin wax facials are used. Nursing and expectant mothers too are advised to use paraffin wax facials for the calming effect.
Paraffin Wax Safe For Skin

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How It Is Done!

  • Your face is cleaned and the neck is cleaned to remove all the impurities and dirt
  • A relaxing massage is administered to the neck and the face after the cleaning
  • Excess cream after the massage is removed and a moisturizing lotion is applied
  • A gauze is cut keeping in shape of the face and placed wet on the face.
  • A brush is then dipped into the hot paraffin wax and gently applied onto the face gauze

The paraffin wax is kept for fifteen to twenty minutes, and then removed. The remnants are washed away and the face is moisturized again.

Paraffin Wax For Safe Skin

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This is how the facial with paraffin wax is done in most parlors. Once again, please do not do this on your own. With regard to the side effects of paraffin wax, we would ask you to consult first with your skin aesthetician and then go ahead with the same. Yes, paraffin wax safe for skin always!

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