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Different Types of Facials – Pamper Yourself with The Latest

by Fashionlady
Different Types of Facials

Different Types of Facials

Raise your hands if your monthly or weekly facial at the salon is due. There are things to bear in mind such as what facial would go with your skin, and what won’t. Since you are very much in the contemporary era, picking the right product needs guidance and careful thought before we jump into buying.

Different Facial Types You Never knew existed

What does a facial do that typical moisturising creams don’t? There is a sea difference between both of them.

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Facials, as you know help treat problems by toning and tightening the skin, treating dark patches and acne, cleansing, rehydrating and rejuvenating the skin. They also reduce blemishes, dry skin and wrinkles. So facials are the first step towards maintaining beautiful skin.

But in order to get that, you need a professionally trained beauty therapist who analyses your skin first and accordingly suggests you the best facial for your oily, dry or combination skin. Mentioned below are the different types of facial.

Normal Facial

These types of facials are simple and basic. Their job is to cleanse, steam and massage. Naturally, they are least expensive. But yes a normal facial is tailor made for normal skin, not the one that is acne-prone.

Types of facials

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Special Facial

This is one-step ahead of the normal facial. What make it special are the specially designed hypoallergenic creams that further moisturise the skin. It is meant for ladies who have sensitive skins. A special facial uses face packs that have special cleansing and rejuvenation abilities.

Different facial types

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Acne Facial

Teenagers and adults bugged down with acne have reason to smile. Acne facial is a formulation that uses glycolic acid exfoliation. This is followed by a warm vapour mist and deep pore extractions done manually and skin-calming anti-bacterial mask. Considering the acne-prone skin, this facial should be performed after every 2 weeks until the time acne begins to fade away.

Acne facial

Source: salonsauvage.com

Collagen Facial

This type of facial involves many steps – exfoliation, deep pore cleansing, lymphatic drainage massage, and a paraffin masque over a collagen sheet to give you the best hydrating effect. In this facial, liquid nutrients are given through ampoules or vials which lead to faster absorption of nutrients in the skin. Collagen Facial is good for all skin types.

Continue reading for more different types of facials.

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Collagen facial

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Bio-Lift Facial

Not only does Bio-lift facial do cleansing, massaging and rejuvenation of the face, it treats under-eye dark circles too. Bio-mask in this facial tones and tightens the skin, thereby making you look younger than your age.

Types of facials

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AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) Facial

The AHA acids which are sourced from fruits and flowers contribute to anti-ageing. Those having skin pigmentation should go for this facial. Fruit facials are made out of seasonal fruit pulp sourced from orange or sweet lime. The fruit facial is selected on the basis of skin type – its banana for dry skin and orange for oily skin.

Alpha hydroxy acid

Source: priori.com.au


Antioxidant Facial

This type of facial involves free-radical fighting agents such as vitamin A and E and Beta-Carotene. Best for outdoor-moving ladies; the facial removes the skin pollutants first and then deep cleanses the skin.

Galvanic Facials for Women

A galvanic gadget is used whose galvanic current is used to penetrate water-soluble substances into your facial skin. This type is best facial for dry skin.

Galvanic Facials

Source: besttimesalon.com

Gold Facials

What can you expect from this facial that uses creams having 24-carat pure gold? A gold-toned skin! A gold facial is by far the best (and a little costly) way to bring back your youth by restoring softness, smoothness, skin elasticity and radiance.

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best facial for dry skin

Source: road2beauty.com

Aromatherapy Facials

Essential oils are used in this facial to restore skin youth. Extremely relaxing to the body and mind, aromatherapy facials remove toxins, regenerate skin cells and uplift your skin to complete rejuvenation.

Aromatherapy facials

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Now tell us which of these different types of facials did you like and don’t forget to tell us about your experience.

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