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How To Create Different Variations With The Same Chambray Shirt

by Fashionlady
Chambray Shirt

The chambray shirt is a popular wardrobe staple and is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing ever created. It is perfect for several occasions. It can be stylistically paired with denims, office wear such as pencil skirts and even evening outfits. In this video, you get to watch eight ways of wearing chambray differently. You will be left with nothing but inspiration.

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All the looks are fresh and playful. You can get versatile and experiment with classic or edgy looks. This is an awesome way to wear these chambray shirts without people noticing you wearing the same one time and again.


1. Easy Boho Look

One of the best chambray shirt outfit ideas is to wear it over a crop top and long skirt. Put on your shades and a hat and you are all set to rock the boho look. You can deck up with some boho accessories too!

2. Suit Up

We are sure you all aware about what is a chambray shirt. But did you know that you can wear your light blue chambray shirt as part of a pant suit? A classy watch and a sling bag would go perfectly with this attire.

3. Flirty Style

Time to show off your flirty side by trying out this chambray shirt fashion. Wear your chambray shirt with an ankle length, pastel colored and pleated skirt. Make sure to tuck your shirt inside the skirt. If you want, you can also drape a jacket over your outfit. Go casual with your hairdo.

4. For A Day Out

You don’t always have to dress up for a day out. There are certain days when you need to dress down and keep it simple. For such days, your ideal outfit can be a chambray shirt with black skinny jeans. This combination of chambray shirt with jeans can be worn for a day out in your neighborhood park. If there is a slight chill in the weather, you can always drape a sweater over your shirt.

5. Weekend Look

Weekends are all about chilling out and relaxing. If you are wondering what to wear with your chambray shirt for the weekend, then here is your perfect solution. Pick up a pair of shorts, tuck your chambray shirt in it, wear a short jacket over it, pull back your hair in a loose ponytail and slip your feet in a pair of comfortable shoes. Your weekend look is ready!

6. Smarty Pants

The next time you are looking at dressing up smartly for a formal meeting in your office, you can spare a thought for your chambray shirt. You might be thinking how to style a chambray shirt for a formal event, right? It’s simple! Wear a gray pin stripped formal pant, tuck your shirt in. The trick is to wear the chambray shirt under a sweater and the sweater should also be tucked in. Tie your hair in a top knot bun and your formal look is ready.

7. Friday Workday

Friday’s at work are meant to be casual and a run-up for your weekend. One of the ways to wear a chambray shirt for you casual Friday is to wear it with a white ankle length pants and drape a trench coat over it. Some funky accessories can be added to enhance the look.

8. It’s Party Time

Not many of you would choose a chambray shirt while thinking of dressing up for a party night. But we are going to show how to style a chambray shirt in such a way that you rock the next party look. To do so, you would need a sequined skirt and a leather jacket along with the chambray shirt. Wear them all and with the sequined skirt providing all the bling, the only accessory you would need is probably a small clutch to hold your essentials.

Now that we have shown you eight wonderful ways to style a chambray shirt, do try them all and drop in a line and tell us which of the looks worked out the best for you!


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