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The Show-Stealer Anushka Sharma Magazine Cover

by Fashionlady
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Anushka Sharma Magazine Cover

She is madly obsessed with bath products, particularly shower gels and body lotions. She hates complicated people, drama, lies and dishonesty. In her wardrobe, she has clothes waiting to be colour coded. She loves to travel, to grow, and to learn. Ask her about her life and she mentions three things – family, work, love.

This is Anushka Sharma for you which amply shows up in Anushka Sharma magazine cover. There is a blend of raw appeal, non-stop energy, dynamism all rolled into Anushka Sharma photoshoot for magazine.

Just pick a cup of coffee as I take you through some of the hot and sizzling covers showing Anushka Sharma at her saucy best.

Harper’s Bazaar, December 2015

Yeah, Anushka Sharma surely looks in command in floral suit and frilly bow blouse, both of them from the house of Gucci. This Anushka Sharma photoshoot for magazine beautifully shows her sitting on a floral printed couch surrounded by floral arrangement.

Anushka Sharma Favourite magazine cover

Source: highheelconfidential.com

Filmfare March 2015

This is certainly the hottest and spiciest Anushka Sharma photoshoot for magazine as she candidly admits “Yes, I’m Dating Virat”. Anushka has some spunk indeed to have admitted her relationship with the cricketer Virat Kohli last year.

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Magazine Cover of Anushka Sharma

Source: boxofficemovies.in

Verve India March 2015

Catch the absolutely stunning Anushka Sharma in a new avatar on Verve India Magazine March 2015 Issue.

Anushka Sharma photoshoot for magazine cover

Source: talkingmoviez.com

GQ India December 2014

This magazine covers page is where Anushka talks about Men, Media and Madness. I think Virat Kohli is one answer who fits all these three M’s. Dressed in an Atsuko Kudo latex bikini, is the top of seduction or the start of it? Well, Anushka Sharma will have to answer it.

Anushka Sharma best magazine cover

Source: talkingmoviez.com

Grazia May 2013

What does the Sunshine Girl Anushka Sharma have to offer you on Grazia magazine covers page? Anushka Sharma height for sure. In Gucci Spring 2013 outfit and Fendi handbag tucked in, the pop of blue color makes Anushka Sharma magazine cover blue as hell.

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Anushka Sharmas Hot Photo-shoot

Source: pinkvilla.com

Maxim February 2013

The sexy Anushka Sharma has become something like a veteran as far as magazine covers page go. She bares her well-toned torso and legs as if it’s nobody’s business. On top of it her tousled hair and a coral and teal outfit is a perfect icing to her sexy avatar.

Magazine Cover

Source: rediff.com

Marie Claire India December 2012

As says the magazine covers page, Anushka has made it all by herself when it comes to Bollywood. There is no way you can miss out the hottie as she jazzes it up in pin straight hair and sequinned outfit. Isn’t it amazing looking at the growth curve of Anushka Sharma?

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Anushka Sharma

Source: rediff.com

Verve December 2012

Tornado on the big screen sums up Anushka Sharma on magazine covers page of Verve. Apart from the beautiful lass, what can’t be missed out is her neon dress, black jacket and most of all smokey eyes for this Verve Dec’12 magazine cover.

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Anushka Sharma height

Source: rediff.com

Harper’s Bazaar India November 2012

Trail blazer Anushka Sharma certainly is as she goes old Hollywood by donning hair the classic style, a diamond necklace and fur wrapped around her shoulder. She was clicked by reputed photographer Prasad Naik. Isn’t the damsel looking smouldering hot?

Anushka Sharma weight

Source: rediff.com

Vogue India October 2012

Anushka Sharma magazine cover for Vogue India’s fifth anniversary was quite a turner. The fun print and designer pumps she put on fresh out of her release Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola looked whacky. The cover also stumped everybody considering Anushka Sharma height.

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Anushka Sharma age

Source: rediff.com

Maxim July 2011

Meet the scorching stunner Anushka Sharma in this glowing satin dress that has oh-my-god deep and plunging neckline and deep red lips.

Anushka Sharma photoshoot for magazine

Source: rediff.com

Which of Anushka Sharma magazine covers do you find hot and irresistible? Feel free to tell us the magazine name, month and year. Somewhere down the line you will find issues such as Anushka Sharma weight and Anushka Sharma age, that will just look irrelevant.

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