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The Truth Behind the Colour of Your Urine

by Fashionlady
Truth Behind the Colour of Your Urine

The Truth Behind the Colour of Your Urine

Did you notice what colour your pee was the last time you went to the loo? Chances are, you did not. Most people not only don’t notice the colour of their pee, but are not even aware that there is a lot that can be deducted about a person’s health simply from the colour of their urine. So as weird or bizarre you might think it to be, you would do well to always make it a point to see what colour your pee is.

Light Brown

If your urine is light brown in colour it signifies that you are not drinking enough fluids. When we say fluids we mean water and vegetables and fruits such as cucumbers and melons that have a high water content. Caffeinated drinks and sodas do not constitute as fluids as they lead to dehydration rather than replenishing the body’s water loss. So, if your pee is light brown in colour then you need to up your water intake and look out for a change in colour. If there is no change in colour despite ample water intake for a couple of days, then you need to see your doctor.

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Dark Brown

This is a danger zone. If your pee is dark brown in colour, then you need to see your doctor, pronto. Dark brown pee is an indication that your liver is under stress and is in need of repair. So do not postpone your visit to the doctor. The sooner you get it sorted out, the sooner your liver can recover.


Orange urine again is a sign of dehydration. Try to cut down on your intake of unhealthy food and beverages and concentrate on drinking more fluids to keep your body hydrated.

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There has been more than one instance where I freaked out when my urine was a red/pink colour. But right after my mini freak-out session is when I realised that I’d eaten beetroot the previous day. If your urine comes out red or pink, take a minute to think back and see if you ate beetroot or any other artificially coloured food that could result in red coloured pee. If you’re sure you didn’t eat anything that could contribute to the red colour, then you need to see your doctor immediately. Red coloured pee is a serious symptom and could be a sign of a UTI, kidney disease, or even cancer.


Blue or Green

If your urine is blue or green in colour, chances are that you had some artificially coloured food or beverage earlier. In the rare instance that you did not have any artificially coloured food and your pee is still a blue/green colour, it could be a sign of Porphyria. Porphyria is a rare genetic disease, with the blue/green urine being one of its early signs. So get it checked up with your doctor without delay.

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While being dehydrated is bad for you, drinking too much water is not necessarily a good thing either. If your urine is colourless, then it essentially means that you are peeing out water. What this indicates is that your body has got rid of the toxins and other stuff that needs to be peed out and is now flushing out the minerals and other good stuff. So if your urine runs clear, then it is time for you to stop gulping down so much water and take it easy. Your pee should ideally be a light yellow colour. If you find that you are not drinking too much water but your pee is still clear, then get yourself checked for diabetes.

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If your pee is honey or amber coloured, then it means that you are moving towards being dehydrated. Up your fluid intake and watch out for a colour change. Like mentioned earlier, a light yellow colour is the colour that you should aim for.
It is quite amazing that something as simple as the colour of our urine can say so much about our body and health. Now that you are aware of it, be sure to always keep an eye out for any colour change in your urine.

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