This Is Why Sania Mirza Slays Equally At The Court As The Carpet


Sania Mirza At Court

Sania Mirza is the only athlete in India to have mingled fashion with sports. Sure, the trend she started has been followed by a host of young players, but Sania will always remain the pioneer. Not only has she won herself a hoard of titles, she has also won the genetic lottery and is blessed with naturally good looks. And she knows how to top it each time with her styling gears. Let’s check out the best style moments of this player’s fashion career so far.

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Sania Mirza it is who made the nose ring, an accessory that was usually worn only by aunties and moms in the pre-Sania India, look cool. After her fame sky-rocketed in the early 2000s, every girl who was in her late teens or early twenties wanted to get one of those nose rings. Now, because my adolescence belongs to that era, even I have a nose piercing, courtesy – the Mirza. Hashtag Memories.

Sania Mirza Fashion
Talking of piercing let’s not miss out on how the tennis diva made multiple piercing a commonplace thing. She is certainly a fan of body piercing and she knows how to keep it elegant anyway. Her multiple piercing speaks for itself.

Sania Mirza Piercing

Sania is not a champion just with the accessories. She knows how to put together the most mis-matched pieces to make an outfit out of them that she rocks like a pro. The pic from her Instagram post proves that if you know how, you can actually throw on a pair of printed trousers with the beige jacket and wear a simplistic tank top beneath. Are you taking notes?

Sania Mirza Outfit
The youth icon, who is also a revered Padma Shri recipient walks the ramps like she owns it, clearly giving the super models of this country a run for their money. Some of the biggest designers in the country, who make Bollywood actresses tread on to their tunes, have invited the sports star as show stopper to their shows, and must we admit, Sania left the audience spellbound.

Sania Mirza Walks The Ramp
And there are several of those moments when she has been invited as a coveted guest in Bollywood events. Among the glowing stars of Bollywood, Sania doesn’t miss to make a mark. She has been trotting the red carpet quite often and has stood out like a treat for the eyes.


Sania Mirza On Red Carpet
Though not a part of the show biz, for interviews and promotions the tennis legend has made several appearances on TV. And we are in love with all of her looks, whether it is on Kapil Sharma’s comedy show or a tete-a-tete on channel Zoom.

Sania Mirza Kapil Sharmas Comedy Show
Sania Mirza’s wedding was one of the most spectacular events in the city. The bride was gleaming in her traditional ensemble designed in the brightest colors. The heavy jewelry matched the attire really well to give her the majestic look she so truly deserves.

Sania Mirza At The Court
So that that we have walked you down all of Sania Mirza’s style preferences, which among these do you identify with? Would it be that of a coy bride of the fiery player at the tennis court?

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