Tips And Tricks On How To Style Clothes You Already Have


Tips And Tricks On How To Style Clothes

Your closet has so many clothes that everyone around you thinks that you no longer need any clothes! Unfortunately, every morning when you decide to wear something, your closet always disappoints you! So what do you do? Well, for starters, read this article.


In this article, we tell you how to style clothes you already have. With just a few tweaks you can wear your winter wardrobe even in summer and vice versa. All you need is some fashion sense and some boldness. Did you know that there are hundreds and thousands of different ways to wear the same dress and heck, you needn’t be ashamed – even Kate Middleton recycles her outfits time and again and media goes crazy. Let’s point out something here – Kate can very well choose to wear the same outfit everyday because she looks great in it and she is comfortable! So the same rule applies to you! Recreate looks with your same dress and still sizzle. We will tell you how.

One dress different ways

How To Wear Clothes Different Ways

1. Button Down And Roll Up Your Shirts

Need a fresh breath of air and some nonchalance – use this trick: For your boring office shirts, just roll down the sleeves and button down the top few buttons. Effortless way of styling even the greyest of the grey shirt you own.

Button Down And Roll Up Your Shirts

2. Or Style These With A Satin Skirt

Now, you didn’t think of that one before right? Pair your white shirt or some plain, boring shirt with a fancy looking satin skirt. This is actually a party look. Team the outfit up with some really sexy heels and you are done!

 Style These With A Satin Skirt

3. Cuff your Blues Away

Tired of the same old jeans? Wait! Don’t go chopping yet. Just cuff your jeans around your ankles to give it a chic uplift. The secret to getting the right-cuffed jeans is to give it a careless roll. Do not make an effort to look like you pressed those hems. Just make it look casual and you are good to go. Also, this is the perfect way to show off you latest pairs of heels.

Cuff your Blues Away fashion

4. Cardigans and Cardigans

Sometimes when there is a nip in the air but you still want to style the outfits you already have, then this classic combination can never go wrong. Take out one of your favorite light cardigans and throw it casually over your dress. A relaxed and casual look, but also so chic!

Cardigans and Cardigans fashion

5. Knot ’em Down

Don’t want to wear those belts, but still want your waist to outshine? Well, this style is perfect for you. Don’t go knotting your expensive silk shirts because they are bound to get some unpleasant creases but for others, you can easily knot them on your waist. Tuck your shirt a little around the periphery to give it a more casual look.

Knot em Down

6. Silken Kerchiefs

The most underrated of all items in your wardrobe are those beautiful silk kerchiefs. Heavens knows why you bought them in the first place, but you can style them in multiples ways:
You can tie them around your head for that Bohemian look (The easiest and the most duplicated look)

Or use it as a bandana:

Silken Kerchiefs

Leave it casually around your neck

Casul neck

or the most innovative one: Loop it around as a belt (Now, we bet you didn’t think of this one!)

Loop it around as a belt

See, you can do so many things with the same old kerchief!

7. Blaze Down

Add a blazer touch to your otherwise casual outfit to make it look straight out of the runway. Like this combination of a hippy dress and a blazer:

Blaze Down Style

So, there you go – you now know how to style clothes you already have in your closet in the most uber cool way. Yes, you can thank us later!



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