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Tips On How To Make Round Face Look Thinner – Makeup Can Actually Do Wonders

by Fashionlady
round face look thinner

how to make round face look thinner

Durga Puja, Dusshera and Diwali just passed by like a breeze and we had a lot of fun dressing up like divas too, thanks to the various fashion posts and styles shown here. But wait, the party season isn’t over yet; we have Christmas, Hannukah and the bridal season along with the New Year coming up and most PYTs who gave a damn to the calorie count now want to know how to make round face look thinner.

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Yes, You Can Make Round Face Look Thinner

Agreed, every body is a beautiful body and there are ways to style the full-sized woman too. However, let’s face facts, we all want a thinner and a well-defined face. Isn’t that true, don’t you want to know how to make round face look thinner? If the answer is YES and you have your makeup kit ready, here’s how to make round face look thinner using simple hacks!

makeup tricks to slim your face

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Hacks To Make Your Round Face Look Slim And Trim

Easy and very applicable, we would like to share a few hacks on making a round face look thinner.

Respect The Art

Makeup is but an artsy touch, and one that would glamorize your features too. Art imitates life and vice-versa, which is why it is a well-known fact that dark makeup shades make the features recede, while the opposite brings the features out.

face look thinner

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Pick The Right Contour And Bronzer Shade

Should you want to have defined cheekbones like Deepika Padukone who flaunts her dusky wheatish skin like no one’s business, you must invest in the right matte bronzer or contour colour. The shade you choose should be two tones darker to that of your skin tone, and along with a highlighter quite luminous which is one tone lighter to your skin tone, you can blend them all to make the face look thin.

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How to Make a Round Face Appear Thinner

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Focus On Three Zones

The cheekbones, the chin and the jawline when using a matte bronzer to make your round face look slimmer than what it really is. But how do you do that? You must draw a diagonal line which starts from the center of the cheek, all the way up to the ears.

Amazing Makeup Tricks to Slim Your Round Face

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Fish Face Please

You pout for selfies galore, so use the same concept when applying your contouring shades. A fish face helps puck and prim while you diagonally contour your cheeks. Once you apply two strokes of the contouring shade, never forget to blend it upwards into the skin of the cheekbone area.

tricks to slim your round face

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What About The Chubby Pug Nose?

To make the chubby pug nose look slim and sexy, you have to fake it. Do this by brushing a little contour powder on the side ends of the nose or the bridge, and stop right at the tip of the nostrils. Blend the highlighter down the nose bridge in vertical strokes and the effect would come through.

Make Your Face Look Thinner INSTANTLY

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Hide That Double Jawline And Chin

It is easy to hide the double jawline and the chin by applying one stroke of bronzer to the zone. Blend the bronzer in the skin of the jawline and the chin to create a contouring look so seamless, which even the photographer at the party or the wedding wouldn’t be able to capture or notice.

Makeup Tricks to Slim Your Face

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Make The Lips Go Slim And Focus On The Eyes

Why leave the lips full, when full lips can make the face look chubbier and the eyes popping large? So focus on the eyes and use liner with dark shadows and one stroke of mascara to distract the onlookers vision. For the lips, don’t go bold but go nude and neutral with lip balm and gloss!

Slim Your Face Makeup Tricks

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Get Your Eyebrows Done

The shape of your eyebrow can make or break the look on your face. Higher arches help balance the round face and make it stretchy to look at- your face would thus look slim.

tips to make your face look thinner

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Your Forehead

While using the contour shade around your temple and the forehead, don’t miss out on the hairline. Upward strokes are important to use, and in angle to the bone structure you are blessed with to make your face look thinner.

tricks to beauty your round face

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So here were the best tricks to slim your round face with the help of makeup. Do you have ideas and tricks of your own to share? Do write in!

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