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10 Tips To Flaunt A Stole

by Fashionlady
Tips To Flaunt A Stole

A classic stole can add dimension or a shot of cool to any outfit-but it all comes down to the styling. Below, we have suggested 10 tips to flaunt a stole for you to master-up. And it goes by only one name: chic. This fabric accessory is nothing if not allowed to a risk and wear session. So if you are looking to wear it well and uniquely, check out our style tutorials here.

Tips To Flaunt A Stole

How to Wear A Stole in 10 Different Ways:

Here is everything you need to know:

1. One-Shoulder Drape:

One statement-making look using the stole is the one-shoulder drape version. Here is how you can get the look: wrap your stole over your left or right shoulder. After that, fasten a stylish belt around your waist for a glam finishing touch.

One-Shoulder Dress With Drape Scarf

Source: lyst.ca

2. Belted Drape:

The belted version is another great way to look super trendy. Simply wrap the stole around your neck allowing it to fall evenly over the front. Fasten it using a belt around your waist.

Belted Drape Scarf

Source: vogue.com

3. Twisted Figure 8 Loop:

A laidback style that looks cool nonetheless. Fold your stole and wear it around your neck. Bring the top end of the cloth through the main circle. Twirl the loop to create a second circle. Next bring in the bottom end of the stole through the second circle. Make adjustments until the perfect figure 8 loop is formed.

Twisted Figure 8 Loop Stole

Source: cosmopolitan.com

4. Boyfriend Tie:

This is a unique way to wear the stole if you are tired of the basic loop. For creating the look, wrap your stole around your neck. Keep one end of the cloth longer to the other side for making the knot. Pass the longer end of the stile behind over the shorter end to construct a loop. Bring the longer ends into this loop to create a knot. Push up the knot like a tie.

Wrap your stole around neck

Source: teenvogue.com

5. Stole Belt:

A chic style to use your stole is to wear it as a belt. Tie your favorite silk fabric around your waist and create two loops on one side. For giving this style its full credits, go for a funky multi-colored cloth to match with your favorite trousers or skirt.

Stole Belt

Source: lolliandme.com

6. Braided Version:

For making the braided version, you will require a long stole. Drape the cloth around your neck and secure a loose half-knot using both ends. Take one end of the stole and toss it over to the other side. After that, tug the end from the main loop and repeat. Now take the opposite end of the stole and toss it over and pull up. Repeat the steps until you reach the ends.


For added dimension, you can also use two contrasting stole and braid them. This can instantly lift your look and make it Insta-ready.

Braided Version Stole

Source: refinery29.com

7. Layer Loosely:

If you care less about functionality and thinking more in terms of fashion, then you can use the stole to layer over a dress as shown in the image below.

9. Reverse Drape:

Life will be better wearing the stole in reverse. No, we’re not kidding! Create the look by wrapping the stole loosely around your neck and allowing it to hang. Hurl one end of the cloth over your left shoulder. Hurl the other end of the stole over your right shoulder to create the reverse drape. Zero hassles!

Reverse Drape Stole

Source: thestir.cafemom.com

10. Wear As Headscarf:

The headscarf is an ode to the 50s and 60s style staple. For creating the look, fold a small square stole from the middle to make a triangle. Wrap the stole around your head using the longer ends of the scarf and leave the rest of the cloth draped around your head. Create a knot of the folded ends beneath your jaw line.

Wear As Headscarf

Source: teenvogue.com

Aren’t these ideas a good way to introduce cool styles and pattern into your stole-wearing-routine? Which styling challenge would you love to give a shot? Let us known in the comment section below which ones you’re ready to take on.

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