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Apply These Smart Tips To Look Slim In Anarkali Suits

by Fashionlady
How To Look Slim In Anarkali Suits

Tips To Look Slim In Anarkali Suits

Love your curves. We cannot emphasize on this statement enough, when it comes to loving your body and yourself. There are ways to look slim and curvy at the same time, smart and sexy too. An anarkali is known to be a very traditional piece for most Indian women. It is a piece that is worn by women and girls of any age. Anarkalis helps make one feel beautiful, graceful and comfortable. The attire is all of flexibility and elegance, we say.

In this day and age, there are smart tips to look slim in Anarkali suits. And you can transform the humble anarkali into a fashionable ethnic outfit, if you know how to wear it well- so use the smart tips to look slim in Anarkali suits, which we would be sharing with you today.

Ways To Dress To Look Slim

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Designers these days are coming up with anarkalis that can be worn by all body shapes and sizes. With different colors, fabrics, motifs and eye catchy work on them, several styles and patterns too, you too can choose and wear your anarkali like a diva. This is why, to enhance your persona, we would like you to check out our smart tips to look slim in Anarkali suits.

Anarkali suits for Look Slim

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Smart tips to look slim in anarkali suits

1. Pick fabrics that boost the illusion of slimness

Tissue, tulle and sheer or net, are fabrics that may be the latest fashion trends in ethnic wear doing the round, and many anarkalis are found using these fabrics too. But pick fabrics that help you create an illusion of slimness. For example, crepe and pure georgette, chiffon too. These are fabrics that help you create an illusion of slimness, and that is exactly what we are aiming for, isnt it?

Look Slim with Anarkali Suit

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2. Check for the neck lines when picking an anarkali

There are a range of necklines when it comes to Indian ethnic wear, especially anarkalis for you to choose from. However, if you happen to be a little more on the heavier side or the healthier side, you should look for anarkalis that do not have heavy flares around the neck. They also should not have boat necks which exposes too much of the chest area. Do not opt for deep necks or backless anarkalis too, or anarkalis with straps on them. With such designs, you would only be bringing the attention to the unwanted parts of the body; the heavy bustline and the heavy neck, which creates an illusion of less height and heavier features. What you should rather opt for are high necks and V necks, straight cuts and band necks, or the simple A line anarkali, which brings about an illusion of a slim and trim look.


Indian dress for celebrity to look slim

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3. The length of the anarkali is of great importance

Always take a good look at the length and then choose the anarkali type you want to buy and wear. If you are on the healthier side, you should not wear anarkalis that are short, come to the hips or are midriff cut. What you should opt for are anarkalis that are long, and they should be flared heavily. This helps distract the attention and makes the body look leaner and taller. Check with the stylist to see which anarkali length would be best for your type of body. Do not pick up anarkalis that are too long or too short, because they would not make you look graceful or stand out as ravishing.

Tips To Look Slim In Anarkali Suit

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4. Choose motifs that are small and cutely embellished

When picking up embroidered or printed pieces in anarkalis, it would always be best to choose patterns and embroidery work, prints too that are not too large or big. The work should be small and thin, which brings about a smartness. With patterns and prints or embroidery work too large on the body of the anarkali, you tend to look heavier, even if you are not. Hence, the big motifs and prints or patterns should be avoided like the plague.

Malaika Arora Anarkali Suit

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5. Opt for solid and dark colors

Every fashionista would know about this rule, like the thumb rule. Dark colors often have an appeal of slimness associated with them. Dark colors, shades and hues do not necessarily have to be monotonous and boring. There are many dark shades that are very attractive, and you can pick and choose from amongst them all. For example, bottle greens and dark reds, navy and royal blues, purples and crimson, wine shades and maroons, they all suit our Indian skin tones well, and they make you look slim and attractive too. These are colors that can turn heads for sure and they have an eye catching appeal as well.

Best Ways To Dress To Look Slim

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6. Don’t forget the magic of heels

Heels are a must to own and wear, no matter what your lifestyle and background. If you want to feel and look slim and attractive, fashionable and chic, heels can do wonders. Rather than just wondering how to dress to look slim in anarkali suits, invest in heels. You can choose the design and the colors of the footwear you plan to wear, the make and model of the heels too, and it would create an illusion of slimness right away. Slip into your favorite pair of heels and you would look elegant and graceful; very stylish too.

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