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Top Latest Fashion Facts You Were Not Aware of Until Now!

by Fashionlady

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If you thought you knew everything about fashion then I would suggest you to read this article.. Fashion has had a long standing history and with it are associated an array of interesting fun facts.

We have compiled some of the most interesting and fun fashion facts of history and I am sure you will enjoy reading them.

– An apparel or any item is considered vintage only if it is made 20 – 100 years ago. “Retro” refers to clothing or item made to replicate a vintage pattern or style of a different period.

– The 4 major International Fashion Shows takes place in the following order – first in New York then London, followed by Milan and the last is in Paris. Each of these cities hold a fashion show twice in a year– February & September.

eyelashes to brush her cheeks

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– False eyelashes were first invented in 1916 when Hollywood producer, D.W. Griffith decided to enhance the eyelashes of Seena Owen for his film “Intolerance”. He wanted her eyelashes to brush her cheeks.These were made by a local wig maker using human hair woven through fine gauze.

– Until the mid-1500s’ children didn’t have their own distinct clothes. They used to wear small sizes of adult wears.

– The skirt is considered to be the second oldest women’s garment in the world after the loincloth.

– During the different eras, women applied color to their faces by various means. In Cleopatra’s time, berries and other natural ingredients were used as makeup to enhance the face.

Chane launched the exotic floral

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– The modern era of perfume was first launched in 1921, when Coco Chanel launched the exotic floral blend, Chanel No. 5.

-The first issue of Vogue was published on 17th December, 1892 in the United States of America.

– Napoleon Bonaparte ordered for buttons to be attached to the jacket sleeves so as to prevent soldiers from wiping off their runny noses on their sleeves.

a woman spotted shorthair

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– Today it is common to see women and girls in short hair. But decades ago, if a woman spotted short hair, she was considered to be an unfaithful wife.

– Neck ties were first used in Croatia and hence were known as “cravats”. These are the most popular Father’s Day gifts in the world, till date.

– A ‘Grabatologist’ is a person who loves collecting ties.

baggy pants

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– New York Mayor Fiorello Henry La Guardia invented the thong when he was scandalized to see the cities exotic bar dancers performing without an underwear. He immediately ordered to sew tiny panties or thongs for them.

pregnant was considered as fashion

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– During the reign of Peter the Great in Russia, men were not supposed to grow a bread only to look more ‘European’. A special tax would be fined to those who didn’t abide to this rule.

– During the 15th century, being pregnant was considered as fashion. During this period, if girls weren’t pregnant, they would hide pillows under their dress to fake a baby bump.

– The ‘New Look’ was introduced by Christian Dior with his spring-summer collection in 1947. It featured a cinched waistcoat that accentuated the bust and gave an hourglass look with the long pleated skirt.

– The first bra was invented by a New York socialite, Mary Phelps in 1914.

German gang called Red Army Faction

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– The crocodile of the brand ‘Lacoste’ was the first brand name to ever appear as a logo on any garment.

– In 1997, PETA members dumped animal guts in front of Givenchy’s Paris boutique doorstep, after Alexander McQueen used animal and bird heads in his fashion show.

– Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel was almost kidnapped by an elaborate German gang called Red Army Faction (RAF).

Christian Louboutin shoes

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– There was a period, when Christian Louboutin shoes were available with baby blue soles. These were related with an intention to enable “something blue” for brides-to-be but was very short-lived due to certain trademark issues.

– Your favorite designer, Marc Jacobs was ranked 14th in a list of “50 Most Powerful Gay Men and Women in America” by Out magazine in 2012.

woolen boxy jackets with gold buttons

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– The first designer suit was launched by Coco Chanel in 1923. She had created the look by combining woolen boxy jackets with gold buttons, knee length skirts and large pearl necklaces.
– Alexander McQueen committed suicide on February 11, 2010 just days after his mother’s death.

– During World World II, there was a scarcity of nylon pantyhose, as nylon was exclusively used for parachutes. So, women painted their legs with a solution including instant gravy powder and drew a line down the back of their legs with eye make-up to recreate the look of stockings!

– During 15th century, designers used little dolls instead of females as models to showcase their creations to the clients.

power suit design for women

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– Next to Christian Dior, it was Giorgio Armani who was featured on the cover of the Time Magazine following his power suit design for women and men in the 1980s.

– In 1943, NYC was the first City to organize a Fashion Week when Fashion publicist Elenor Lambert initiated this show only to give the American fashion designers a chance to showcase their work and compete against the more established European Elite.

– In Canada, each person creates about 7 kilograms of textile waste that fills the landfills.

– Fashion Weeks, which were originally started as trade-only events for buyers and manufacturers, are changed and have now become highly publicized events, which attract the “creme de la creme” and celebrities from all across the globe.

fashion designer

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– The Italian fashion designer Valentino Garavani quickly became known for his amazing red dresses, all made in a bright shade of red. He soon became to be known as “Valentino Red” in the fashion industry.

– Did you know that one bale of cotton that weighs under 500 pounds, can make 215 pairs of jeans?

Little Black Dress

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– The LBD or the Little Black Dress can be attributed to Coco Chanel for its timeless ingenious creation of simplicity and elegance.

– The invention of the automobile had a significant influence on women’s fashion. During the late 18th century, skirts became shorter only to help women to step into automobiles conveniently and comfortably.

– Before the 1850s, 70% women made clothing for themselves. It is today that handmade clothing’s and other accessories have become pricey.

Boys wore dresses

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– Elizabeth I loved hats so much that she made it compulsory for all females over the age of 7 to wear hats on Sundays and holidays. Anyone who refused to do so was stiffly fined.

– Are you aware that one of the key ingredients in manufacturing lipstick is fish scales?

– In ancient Egypt, the wealthy women placed scented grease cones over the head. As the grease melted during the course of the day, their skin and clothes were covered in an oily fragrance. What an alternative to Perfumes.

– Did you know it was Mark Twain that invented the bra strap clasp?

– Icelandic Folklore says that if a person didn’t get new clothes for Christmas, a giant Yule Cat would eat them up.

– Boys wore dresses until the 1910 till they reached the age of 5 0r 6. This was pretty common.

– In 1907 a woman was arrested for wearing a fitted one piece swimsuit on a beach in Boston.

– Recently a bra was invented that doubles up as a mask which can be used in emergency situations

– In 1960s’ designer Rudi Gernreich took the bikini to a new level – A one – piece swim suit with an exposed top.

– In 1860s dresses were so wide that girls and women often got stuck at the doorways.

– Men did not wear underwear until the 17th century.

– The longest wedding dress has a trail that is 1.85 miles long. It used 3 miles of taffeta and 18 feet of lace to make it. This definitely has to be the World’s Longest Wedding Dress!

Worlds Longest Wedding Dress

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-Wearing a white dress was initially associated to mourning, until Queen Victoria decided to wear one on her Wedding Day.

“Follow Me” was inscribed under the soles of the shoes of Greek Prostitutes that showed up when they walked on sand.

High Heels were initially worn by both men and women. By men so that it would help them when they rode their horses. It faded by 1740.

wrapped cloth around their feet

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Only from 2007 did the Russian military start wearing socks. Until then they just wrapped cloth around their feet.

The famous Ralph Lauren, began his career as a tie designer.

In the late 1800s, women wore live chameleons as broaches. They pinned them up to the lapels of their dress.

Bra maker, Playtex designed the suits worn by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.

Ancient Rome saw the first Shopping Mall that sold clothes.

The Largest Bra cup every made has a size 1222B cup that was made to build awareness about Breast Cancer.

In 1999 two women died when electricity struck and their underwire bra acted as electricity conductors and transferred the current between them.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it informative. Let us know your views and anything related to latest fashion facts you wish to share!

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