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Top 7 ways to use Lemon on your face for Glowing Skin

by Fashionlady
use Lemon on your face for a glowing Skin

use Lemon on your face for a glowing Skin
Lemon juice can be used for so many purposes including skin care. It has natural astringent properties which can be used to lighten skin tone and get rid of many skin blemishes. It completely blends in with any item. It is also rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Its acidic fluid works as an exfoliator and heals so many skin problems. It leaves your skin feeling clean and glowing.

Lemon can help get rid of all the dead skill cells which make your skin look dull and tired. So lemon has been used for many centuries together for beauty treatments. There are so many ways that you can use lemon on your skin to attain that picture perfect look.

We share with you top 7 ways to use lemon on your face to get that glowing skin. We offer you simple ways on how to do it within the confines of your home. It is a better option any day rather than you doing the rounds of expensive treatments and obtaining lesser results.

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1. Lemon and Honey for a glowing Skin

This simple homemade face pack works wonders for all kinds of skin problems be it for acne, dark spots and uneven skin tone. Using lemon and honey is like using natural bleach. Apply it evenly and leave for 5 minutes before washing off. Make use of the natural goodness of lemon and honey mixed together to get a glowing skin.

Lemon and Honey

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2. Lemon and Coconut water for a glowing Skin

Coconut water hydrates your skin even if you simply mixed it with lemon juice and apply on your face. Remember it the next time you are sipping and relishing the sweetness of coconut water. Lemon has essential purities that helps clear and brighten skin. So when it is mixed with coconut water, it is the perfect balance. The citrus fruit works like an astringent while the coconut water acts like a hydrating moisturizer.

Lemon and Coconut water

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3. Lemon and Sugar for a glowing Skin

Skin tanning is a common problem. Pollutants cannot have a possible end right now but we can definitely work on our skin problems. If you once had that glowing face and want to bring back the glow, apply this simple trick. Slice half a lemon, dip it in fine sugar and gently scrub your face until all the sugar granules dissolve. It also helps in removing dead dry skin and will bring back the glow to your face.

Lemon and Sugar

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4. Lemon and Aspirin for a glowing Skin

This mixture sounds unusual but then it helps in brightening your skin. It works as a perfect clean up to the skin. First crush the aspirin and add few drops of lemon juice. You might feel a tingling sensation but keep it on for just 10 minutes. You will notice an immediate change in your face. Your skin will feel refreshed and alive.

Lemon and Aspirin

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5. Lemon and Tomato for a glowing Skin

Take mashed tomatoes and add a table spoon of lemon juice. Apply it on your face. Leave it to dry completely. It brings an immediate glow to the face, removes the skin oiliness and other skin blemishes as well. It also helps in preventing premature aging signs. It tightens the skin and makes it supple.

Lemon and Tomato

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6. Lemon and Egg White for a glowing Skin

First take the egg white in a clean bowl and add a few drops of lime to it. Mix it well. Before you start applying this mixture rinse your face with warm water. This routine helps your pores to open up. After that you can apply the paste to your face in circular motions. Allow it to dry completely. You can wait for 15-20 minutes and wash it off with warm water. Your skin will feel smooth and fresh.

Lemon and Egg

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7. Lemon and Yogurt for a glowing Skin

To make this face mask, you will need two teaspoons of yogurt and one teaspoon of lime. Mix it well and apply the paste on your face. You can leave it on 15-20 minutes. Rinse it off with warm water. Lemon cleanses and exfoliates the skin while yogurt helps to retain moisture.

If we fail to attend to minor skin issues then with time they tend to strip off the glow from our face. So discover the natural goodness of lemon and be healed from skin blemishes and all other problems forever.

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