Top 15 Benefits Of Hibiscus Oil For Hair


Hibiscus Oil For Hair

Healthy and jet-black glossy hair not only makes us look much younger than our years but also puts the accent on our persona. However, the stress of modern-day living takes a heavy toll on our body including our hair. Unhealthy eating habits, erratic lifestyle, environmental pollution, and the sun’s toxic UV rays cause our hair to grey prematurely, dehydrate the locks, and weaken the follicles eventually leading to hair loss.

The oil extracted from hibiscus rosa-simensis or hibiscus flowers and the leaves of the shrub is highly rich in alpha-Hydroxy acids, vitamins A, C, and amino acids. The vitamins and minerals in hibiscus oil hold multiple benefits for the hair. Hibiscus oil for hair benefits include prevention of hair loss, thwarting untimely greying and/or aging, strengthening the strands and the roots to name a few.

Hibiscus oil for hair is included as an integral ingredient in herbal shampoos and conditioners that you can use once in a while for maintaining the health of your tresses. However, you can prepare hair masks by blending the extract obtained from the leaves and flowers of the hibiscus plant with other herbal elements like amla, neem, coconut oil, and lemons. Using these homemade hibiscus oil recipes will enable you to make the most of the flower’s beneficial properties.

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Benefits of Hibiscus Oil

1. Boosts Up Hair Growth

Hibiscus oil for hair stimulates hair growth, and revitalizes the scalp by promoting blood circulation in the head.

In order to prepare a homemade recipe to keep your hair healthy

  • Rinse some 7-8 flowers along with leaves and grind them thoroughly.
  • Blend this paste with a cupful of coconut oil that has been preheated in advance.
  • After the mixture has cooled down sufficiently, smear and massage the same on your scalp and hair.
  • Let it stay for the entire night.
  • Rinse your hair with a shampoo in the morning when you step into the shower.

Alternatively, you can also use an herbal shampoo enriched with hibiscus oil.

Benefits of Hibiscus Oil for Hair

2. Checks Itchiness Of The Scalp

Oil of hibiscus effectively revives the scalp and also prevents it from turning dry that can cause itchiness in the area.


  • Boil some hibiscus flowers along with neem leaves and fenugreek (methi) seeds in a small pan half-filled with water.
  • Keep boiling till the water evaporates considerably and let the solution cool down.
  • Use a sieve to filter the solution and wash your hair with the filtered liquid.
  • Later, rinse hair with a shampoo and dry the tresses completely.
Hibiscus For Hair

3. Maintains The Natural Sheen Of Hair

  • Grind some hibiscus flowers and freshly picked henna leaves into a fine paste, and add the juice squeezed out of a whole lemon to the paste.
  • Smear the paste all over your scalp and let it remain for at least 30-45 minutes.
  • Rinse your hair properly later on.

Regular application of this recipe will help maintain the natural sheen of your hair.

Hibiscus For Hair Growth

4. Thwarts Premature Greying And Ageing

  • Mixing paste of hibiscus leaves with curd (about 4-5 tablespoons) and apply the mix on the scalp.
  • Leave the paste on your hair and scalp for approximately an hour before cleaning with warm water and shampooing.

This hibiscus recipe thwarts premature ageing and greying of hair. Also, use this formulation of hibiscus for hair regrowth.

Hibiscus Hair Benefits

5. Excellent For Treating Dandruff

Hibiscus leaves mixed with fenugreek seeds (soaked overnight) and buttermilk and applied on the scalp is perfect for tackling dandruff issues.

Alternatively, you can use a paste of mehendi leaves and hibiscus (washed down with lemon juice) for achieving the same results.

Hibiscus for Hair Care

6. Makes Hair Thicker And Stronger

Regular use of a paste prepared by mixing grinded hibiscus leaves with curd makes your hair thicker and stronger.

hibiscus for hair regrowth

7. Nourishes The Hair By Conditioning It

Hibiscus leaves and/or flowers extract go a long way in nourishing both the hairs and scalp as well as fortifying the hair follicles. You can make conditioner for your hair out of hibiscus flowers right in the comfort of your home.

  • Make a good paste by thoroughly mixing a paste of hibiscus flowers with water.
  • Clean your hair before daubing the paste on your head.
  • Wash your locks with tepid warm water after the paste has stayed on for an hour.
Ayurvedic Hair Oil

8. Keeps Hair Soft And Prevents Frizzing

  • Add gram flour to a mixture of hibiscus leaves and flowers that has been boiled for five minutes and allowed to cool to make a paste.
  • Rinse hair using a shampoo after the paste has stayed on the head for about half an hour.
Hibiscus Oil Hair Benefits

9. Combats Hair Fall And Split-ends

  • Apply a paste of hibiscus leaves and amla powder marinated in amla juice, and let the mask soak your hair for about 35-40 minutes.
  • Shower later on using a mild shampoo.

This particular hair mask combats hair fall and split-ends as well as keeps your hair jet black.

Hibiscus Hair Care

10. Effective For All Scalp Types And Hair Textures

Ayurvedic hair oil made from pulp of hibiscus flowers and leaves are effective for all scalp types and hair textures.

Homemade hibiscus oil

13. Fresh New Hair Growth

While onion juice has the great property of increasing hair both healthy and fast, the juice of hibiscus flowers or leaves will minimize the hair fall. Hence a combination of these two ingredients will deliver the finest hibiscus oil for fair.

Hibiscus oil benefits for hair

14. Hair Mask for Hair fall Issues

If you are worried about using hair care products that are available in the market, then try this hibiscus hair mask for the desired results. For this process, you need to sundry the flower. Make a fine powder of the sundried hibiscus flower and add essence along with Yogurt. Once the hibiscus powder touches the yogurt, the curd begins to change from white to pink. Once it changes color, you can start applying it evenly on the hair and the roots. This will help address the hair fall issues.

How to make hair oil with hibiscus flowers

15. Hibiscus Hair Shampoo

Here is how to make hair oil with hibiscus flowers. Crush the petals of the flower with a pestle and mortar. Blend it with some olive oil and apply it like a shampoo on the hair. Leave it on for about 15 minutes and rinse it off with lukewarm water.

How to make hair oil with hibiscus flower

The benefits of hibiscus oil for hair are best reaped by preparing formulations at home, mixing the oily extract with other herbs and plant- based elements. Homemade recipes can be preserved for future use by storing the same in the refrigerator.

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