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Top Muslim Wedding Dress Ideas To Look Like A Dream Bride!

by Fashionlady
Muslim Wedding Dress

Muslim Wedding Dress

So you think getting married these days is the same as her grandparents’ for girls? There are so many details and elements that need to be combined to make the perfect bridal dress today. And this can’t be pinpointed to one location of the globe, as it is applicable to all parts of the world.

Why Hindu or Christian, the same thing goes for Muslim wedding dresses too.

Considering the mind-boggling varieties of dresses, fabrics and cuts available today, the modern day Muslim bride has a wide variety of options to choose her wedding hijab from.

Whether you decide to wear a hijab wedding dress, or whether you choose a long-sleeved dress, all that really matters is to look trendy and gorgeous on your BIG day. That’s it.

“Hijab” as you know is the incredible veil which is worn by Muslim brides. And this hijab (or head gown) is sometimes decorated with jewels, and sometimes stitched with ornaments. The purpose is to make the Muslim bride stand out, and at the same time honor the century-old traditions.

Materials Used For Muslim Wedding Dress

A wedding hijab is similar to the wedding dresses designed for brides in terms of the materials used in making it.

Options include – lace, organza, chiffon, tulle, satin, silk.

Is that all?

Other materials are also used in the making of a hijab modern wedding dress. The intent is simple – to make the muslim bride look gorgeous and comfortable without making her feel that her dress is less beautiful than other dresses because of the “hijab”.

Keeping this in mind, here are some top hijab modern wedding dress and wedding hijab styles that are drop-dead gorgeous and speak out the tradition and elegance of wedding hijab.

Please be cautioned – they are drop dead gorgeous!

1. Onion Pink Zardozi Bridal Dress With Dupatta

Doesn’t this wedding hijab remind you of the Mughal times? The simplicity of onion pink fabric is counterweighed by the golden zardosi embroidery of the dress – which is everything ornate. Team it up with beautiful golden net dupatta and a dainty looking maang-tikka to complete this muslim wedding dress. You will actually have to say ‘Subhanallah’ when you see this hijab modern wedding dress.

Onion Pink Zardozi Bridal Dress With Dupatta

Source: thebridalbox.com

2. The Grey Gown And Lace Hijab

This embroidered wedding hijab uses different shades of grey smartly to give a look which is radiant and sophisticated. The skull cap with lace holds the veil and hijab in place. The beauty of the veil is such that it adds a unique sense of charm to the muslim wedding dress.

Hijab Wedding Dress

Source: thebridalbox.com

3. Muted Pink Muslim Bridal Dress

Yeah, the ‘Mermaid’ look is not just for the Christians. This mermaid cut dress in muted pink is complemented by floral motif embroidery to perfection. The ends of the train are equally gorgeous and elegant, with the same floral motifs done in lace. The waist belt and the elegant hijab make the Muslim bride enchanting.

Wedding Hijab Styles

Source: thebridalbox.com

Muslim Bridal Dress

Source: thebridalbox.com

6. The Rustic Summer Red Gown

Red is not just the color for the Hindu brides. They are equally regal and befitting for the Muslim bride. Now doesn’t this muslim bride look stunning and perfect in her flowing red dress accentuated with embroidery? The red hijab being plain looks more beautiful with the golden headpiece adorning the forehead of the model.

Muslim Red Wedding Dress

Source: thebridalbox.com

7. Royal Blue Muslim Wedding Dress

You have to sit, keep watching and admiring her, given the stunning embroidery and stone work done on this blue hijab modern wedding dress. The natural understated makeup and the plain cream-colored hijab makes the entire get-up wonderful. Hats off to the headpiece which makes the muslim bride look like a true blue princess.

Hijab Bride Muslim Wedding Dress

Source: thebridalbox.com


8. The White Floral And Dupatta Design

Want to look like a Fairy-tale princess on your D-day? This muslim wedding dress is dedicated to it. The flowy fabric, the lace embroidery and the floral thread work are simple stunning. And then there are the dainty looking earrings and maang-tikka to complete the muslim bridal look.

Hijab Bride Wedding Dress

Source: thebridalbox.com

9. Creamy Muslim Wedding Dress With Stonework

This cream dress is no plain Jane. It is a fusion of the grandeur of the past and the intricacy of stonework. Never mind the fact that the bridal dress looks simple, but then there is the hijab embroidered to perfection. The headpiece is glittering enough to add loads of charm to this wedding hijab.

Modern Hijab Wedding Dress

10. Red Muslim Bridal Dress With Embroidered Stones

You cannot go wrong with this hijab wedding dress. The red fabric looks par excellence with the gorgeous stonework and embroidery. The under scarf has glittering beads and the dupatta draped on head will make you think and wonder between the two – is it “heavenly” or is it “regal”? Take your pick!

Muslim Bridal Wedding Dress

Want to see some “Variants” in muslim bridal dress?


This wedding hijab style with beads looks impressive and the delicate looking veil with ribbon edging looks wonderful.

Muslim Hijab Wedding Dress

Source: hijabiworld.com

Here are some more samples of exclusive Islamic wedding gowns with hijab. Muslim brides I am sure will love them and so will the Hindus and Christians.

Wedding Hijab Dress

Source: tbdress.com

So which of these wedding hijab styles did you like the most? Type your replies in the comments below. Also share with us any more style options that you have in hijab wedding dress.

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