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South Indian Wedding Sarees: Untouched By Changing Fashion

by Fashionlady
South Indian Wedding Sarees

South Indian Wedding Sarees

Now that summers are on their way out, and the festive season is nearing, the onset of winters and wedding season is food for joy.

Having said that, silk is that eagerly awaited fabric that is bound to create noise and flutter in saree showrooms. To cut the long story short, it is time to be draped in fascinating south Indian wedding sarees.

Golden borders, gorgeous colours, booties, embroidery, there is so much of lavishness in south Indian bridal sarees that the hang-over is almost never-ending. After the dry and parched summers, you get to flaunt rich and bright bridal colours, and a dash of glitter in the form of gold waist belt that makes you look traditional and glamorous both.

We come up with an impressive range of south Indian style saree that would enhance your social standing impressively. Here is the south Indian bridal sarees collection to woo your husband and in-laws.

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Indian wedding sarees

Types Of South Indian wedding sarees

Silks are a major component in south Indian wedding sarees. There are four types of silk that are largely used in Indian wedding sarees.

  • Mulberry
  • Muga
  • Eri Silk
  • Tussore

The mass production of silk sarees in India happens in three states in south India namely Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

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Coming to the craftsmanship bit, the south Indian style saree such as Kanjeevaram, Mysore, Konrad and Pochampally Ikat are some exemplary creations that deserve a standing ovation.

South Indian bridal sarees collection

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Popular Sarees of Tamil Nadu

1. Kancheepuram Saree

Dipped in 150-year old legacy, this type of south Indian bridal sarees is known for its imaginative colour contrasts and the motifs. Temple borders arranged in pyramid fashion, stripes, checks, floral booties and mulberry silk make a traditional Kancheepuram saree.

Ever wondered why a Kancheepuram saree is expensive? That’s because it involves interlocking of three different kinds of woven cloths – the border, body and pallu. As one can see, the designing of this famous south Indian style saree is a time-taking and laborious task, which is why it is so very precious to any Indian girl and woman across generations.

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Starting from the basic price of Rs 2500, a Kanjee silk saree can go upto 10-12 lakhs per sari. Whoa!

South Indian bridal sarees

Source: sareeonline.com

South indian style saree

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3. Mysore Saree

One of the true masterpieces in south Indian bridal sarees collection is Mysore silk. It’s got lively and vivacious colours and is minimalistic in nature. Easy to wear, the Mysore saree is super-versatile in nature.

The Mysore saree is marketed and retailed by the Government of India as KSIC saris and are hologrammed to showcase their purity.

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Mysore saree

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4. Chettinad Saree

This south Indian style saree hails from Chettinad district of Tamil Nadu. The saree is popular for its bold stripes, checks, and contrasting hues.

Chettinad silk saree

Source: natsybydesign.com

Popular Sarees of Andhra Pradesh

1. Gadwal Saree

Gadwal town situated in Telangana in Andhra Pradesh is known for its silk weaving. And why, because it enjoyed the patronage from the royal family of Gadwal!

The average length of Gadwal sari is about 5.5 meters. Interestingly, the body of a Gadwal saree is woven in cotton, the border in zari and pallu in pure silk. Then all the three components are interlocked by a weaving pattern. Yellow, pink, parrot green, and beige are the popular colours of a Gadwal Saree.

Gadwal saree

Source: designerkapde.com

2. Pochampally Ikkat Saree

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Hailing from a small town called Pochampally near Hyderabad, this south Indian style saree engages about 5000 weavers in the creation of this masterpiece.

A Pochampally Ikkat is woven in silk, cotton as well as their blends, and is smoother and lighter in weight as compared to its counterparts woven in other states of India.

Pochampally ikkat saree

Source: zepo.in

3. Venkatgiri Sarees

Produced in Nellore district in Andhra Pradesh, Venkatgiri Sarees was patronized by the ruling Venkat Giri Rajas. This explains why they were fondly called ‘Rajmatha Sarees”. The sarees have parrots, asharfis (gold coins), stylized leaf etc. as patterns and motifs.

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Venkatgiri sarees

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Now which of these south Indian wedding sarees do you plan to pick for the upcoming wedding in your family. Drop a line and let us know. Happy choosing the Indian wedding sarees from the Indian heritage.

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