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Unheard And Unexpected Uses Of Lipstick Number 6 Shocked Us The Most!

by Fashionlady
Uses Of Lipstick

Uses Of Lipstick

Hello ladies, we would want you to open your vanity case and look at the lipsticks you have. Nothing out of the usual though, but if you have lipsticks that are almost nearing an end, don’t throw them out yet. Why, you ask? Well the reason is simple. Our lipsticks are now going to multitask for us in more ways than one, and you get to save more money using what you have. So here are some very innovative uses of lipstick, which can help beautify you like never before. We bet you haven’t given a thought on such uses of lipstick, other than applying them on your lips. The time is now to make a change and with the alternative uses of lipstick, you can!

The Various Alternate Uses Of Lipstick

Have you run out of blush? How often is it that you are caught in a quandary while dressing up for an important event or party, and then you realize you have no more blush left? Sounds familiar? Well worry no more. One of the best ways to use faux blush is using a cream based lipstick. The long lasting effects thanks to the creamy formula makes the lipstick double up as a blush when applied on the cheekbones or the zygomatic area. In our previous posts we have taught you the art of blush and blending, right! Hence use it the right way to get the perfect blush!

Alternate Uses Of Lipstick

Source: hercampus.com

Use It As A Concealer

If you have read the importance of the color wheel well, you then would know orange concealer can help camouflage dark circles, since it has bluish tinges to it. What you could do is to use an orange or a coral lipstick to camouflage puffiness and dark circles or age spots under the eyes. Works like magic and is one of the most economical and different ways to use lipstick too.

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Different Ways To Use Lipstick

Source: cosmopolitan.co.uk

Where’s The Lip Gloss?

Thin and medium lips need some filling and pouting, which is why we use a little lip gloss for the shine to come through and to enhance the look as well. You can now use the remaining end of the lipstick and turn it into chic lip gloss to use. Mash the remains and with a teaspoon of Vaseline mixed into it, create your own glossy touch. Why spend money on a separate lip gloss, when your own lipstick can do wonders in bringing what you want for your lips!

Other Uses For Lipstick

Source: linesacross.com

Highlight And Contour With Lipsticks

If you do not have a highlighting and contouring makeup kit, but yet want a sexy contoured and glowing look, you could get that done with lipstick. Choose lipsticks in neutral to nude, pinks to peach shades and get the 90s contoured look or the highlights you want.

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Uses For Lipstick Other Than Makeup

Source: samanthatrinidad.com

Use It As A Camouflage For Tattoos

We told you that number six would be a shocker, and this is why. Lipsticks in deep reds can be used to cover up tattoos, since the color wheel shows us how reds can be filled into the lining of the tattoo and hidden with concealer and TL4 powder. Fresh and clean skin now possible in five minutes flat, and you don’t have to invest in an acid wash too.

Camouflage For Tattoos

Source: sheknows.com


Dress Up Your Eyelids

If you have lost your eyeshadow palette or are running low on one of the shades and have a party or an important meeting to attend, you can make your eyelids drool worthy with lipstick. Lipstick can be used as an eyewash to the lids and also to color the lids with. Use a nude lipstick to set as primer for the lids and then a colored one to fill and shade the lids.

Lipstick eyeshadow

Source: makeup.allwomenstalk.com

A Pen Around

Sometimes you have got to leave a post-it or a note for your colleagues or your hubby at home, and to find a pen in a hurry can be annoying. This is when you could leave a note behind like most fashionistas do- with a lipstick. Write on the note and stick or simply place the pen on the surface of glass or mirror and leave your words behind!

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