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10 Unique And Weird Beauty Hacks That Makes Dolling Up Easy

by Fashionlady
weird beauty hacks to try

weird beauty hacks

Don’t waste your energy trying to doll up with the perfect liner or getting the armpits lighter, because we have ten weird beauty hacks to share, which would make life easier for you. Take a look at these ten weird beauty hacks, which are very easy and cost-effective too to try. You may find them weird but they are very useful. Check them out!

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Weird Beauty Hacks To Try

1. Rub a potato under your arms. This helps lighten the armpits. We really have no idea why our armpits are darker than the rest of our bodies, it could be because of sweat, dirt and grime or dead skin cell accumulation, or shaving, but if you rub a potato slice under the arm everyday before bath, the enzymes in potatoes can help lighten the skin. This is one of the best weird beauty hacks to try.

weird beauty tricks

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2. With makeup tips and tricks, here’s one that you would love. To make the cheeks look healthy and nice, instead of applying blush over the foundation, applying it under would help. This brings about a nice natural rosy glow, which doesn’t look artificial. This is also perfect for day time makeup wear, where the warm tone of the blush wouldn’t stand out too much.

weird beauty tricks that really work

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3. For longer eyelashes to have, use cotton. What? Well if you rub the mascara spoolie into a cotton ball and then dip it into the mascara tube, it would help elongate the lashes. The fibers of the cotton would stick onto the spoolie and create an amazing lengthening effect when you apply a coat of mascara to the eyelashes. Try it!

Beauty Hacks You Have to Try

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4. Dark circles can be concealed even if you don’t have an orange concealer. Try a coral lipstick or a red one to mask the ugly dark circles under the eyes. Apply one coat of the lipstick and then with the help of a concealer brush, blend the same into the foundation. There would be a major difference noticed.

womens weird beauty hacks

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5. Place a card under your eyes from getting remnants of mascara falling on the skin below your eyes. Mascara smears can ruin a look. You can either wait for it to dry and then use the buffer brush to wipe it off or simply place a card under your eyes and then apply mascara. The card holds the remnants that fall onto the eye skin, and your makeup doesn’t face the brunt.

makeup tips and tricks

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6. To add more volume to the ponytail, use a bobby pin and two rubber bands to tie the ponytail. This is one of the best beauty hacks you have to try, which brings about a lot of volume and pizzazz to the hairdo you want to flaunt. Grab your hair into a ponytail bunch, and from one side, pin the bobby pin into the scalp and rotate the band around to the other side. Then place the other bobby pin and pin it onto the scalp, and this brings more volume to the hairdo.


beauty hacks to try

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7. For natural waves on your hair, divide the hair into sections and flat iron each of them. But whilst flat ironing the hair sections, curl them into the device and hold for a couple of seconds. Remove the hair section from the device and let it hang loose, and then with your fingers loosen them further and ruffle them up for the boho chic waves you want.

beauty hacks

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weird beauty tips

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10. Don’t spend a lot of money on manicures for the nails to shine, when the humble toothpaste at home can do the trick. Apply a dollop of toothpaste on your nails and scrub them with a toothbrush. Wash off under cold water and then watch how the nails shine.

weird beauty trick

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Weren’t these ten weird beauty tricks simple and easy? Try these weird beauty tricks that really work and let us know how you liked them!

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