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Do The Drill – Try These Upside Down Jeans Right Away!

by Fashionlady
Upside Down Jeans

Have you heard about the newest denim trend? In fact, the makers behind this trend seem to be aware of their strange creation.

Upside Down Jeans

Source: thejeansblog.com

We are talking about the Upside-Down Jeans, which is all about inversion of the fitted waistline and hem of the denims to give a total transformation to your old jeans.

What is Upside-Down Jeans Trend?

Every pair of this upside down jeans is unique and handmade. The shorts flatter every body type featuring a high-waisted design, hidden zipper, and closure around the raw hemline up top, belt, waistband, and pockets.

The denim shorts are sold at a retail price of $385 and are available in a size range of 23-29. The shorts are available in two styles and washes, namely Nancy and the EL. The makers of the upside down jeans went further ahead with their Will, Lucas, and Mike pants which are full-length in relaxed cuts and distressed designs, with a starting price of $500.

Different Types of CIE Denims:

CIE Denim is well-known to repurpose and reconstructing vintage denim. This strange design has become a popular trend. Here are different types of CIE Denims. Take a look:

1. Nancy Shorts:

Nancy Shorts CIE Denim are unique because of its upside down designs. The pocket designs of the short appear inverted.

Newest Denim Trend

Source: ciedenim.com

2. EL Shorts:

The EL Shorts features a darker wash style named after Millie Bobby Brown’s character, eleven, also known as El.

Different Types of CIE Denims

Source: elitedaily.com

3. Will Jeans:

The CIE Denim brand also has a few pairs of long jeans which are inspired by Stranger Things. The Will Jeans does not feature pockets at the back but instead have a pocket detail by the ankle.

Will Jeans

Source: garmentory.com


4. Lucas Jeans:

Lucas Sinclair has a CIE Denim style in his name, as well. The pair does not feature the traditional waistband placement on the waist but instead moves it down the ankle seams.

Lucas Jeans

Source: garmentory.com

5. Mike Jeans:

Mike’s jeans have an inversion in the back pockets. The size range of the jeans is not ideal. The shorts come in a size of 23-29. Also, the pants are available up to a size 30. The items are available in a limited quantity.

Mike Jeans

Source: ciedenim.com

  • Old jeans
  • Scissors
  • Needle & Thread
  • Sewing machine


  1. Start by unfolding the inside seam of the jeans.
  1. Make use of the scissors to trim off the edges.
  1. Unfold the seams, from the bottom to the crotch area, until you create an opening towards your arms.
  1. Fix using pins. Then sew the new seams.
Upside-Down Jeans DIY

Source: thewhoot.com


Q.1. Do the back pockets function?

A.Yes. The back pockets appear to be the wrong way up, but they do function.

Q.2. Is full-length version of the jeans available?

A. Yes. The jeans are also available as shorts in case if you do not like the full length version.

Q.3. What is the retail price of the CIE Denim Shorts and Full-length jeans?

A. The shorts come at a retail price of $385 and the full length jeans cost around $500.

The strange new upside down jeans is all over the internet at the moment; we can’t help but wonder what other clothing ideas will be coming up next. Also, we cannot agree more with the brand’s logo ‘one of a kind.’

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