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Be Upscale, Be Chic: Here’s How To Recycle Old Jeans Into Haute Fashion Wear!

by Fashionlady
Recycle Old Jeans

Recycle Old Jeans

While Spring cleaning this year, most of us made the biggest mistake or committed the cardinal sin of throwing away our old denims and jeans. If you too did the same, remember karma bites and bites hard. You know why? This is because the same old denims or jeans could have been up scaled into something new, a fashion statement that you could have flaunted at the pubs, the bars, the discs and even at girly night parties too.

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What Now?

If you still have a pair or two of the old denims left at home and do not know what to do with them, the answer is to recycle old jeans into something chic and new. Jeans refashioning is the new-age mantra, and you could embark on your own sewing projects to bring about durable and high-end or street style fashion galore.

Recycle old denim jeans

Source: brautwunder.wordpress.com

Lets look at how to recycle old denim jeans

Denim is sturdy and a material so great to work with; you can just make the best fashion statements, cutting and embellishing them. One look online and you would find a range of recycle old jeans projects that can fill your wardrobe with chic new fashion lines. All you have to do is to keep an open mind and to turn your old denims into something very new!

ays to recycle old denim jeans

Source: etsystatic.com

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Let the Haute Ride Begin!

1. You could covert your old denims or jeans into a maxi skirt, gorgeous as ever and trendy too.

Recycle jeans maxi skirt

Source: vwmin.org

2. Turn those old denims into a pair of baby doll mini skirts with flaps

Recycle jeans mini skirts

Source: pinterest.com

3. What about a lovely midi skirt? Yes, flirty and sensual, perfect for a night out with friends, and super sexy when you wear them with ankle length boots

Recycle jeans midi skirt

4. Recycle old denim jeans and denims into mini skirts.

DIY mini skirts

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Jeans corsets with tartan skirts

7. Hot pants for the beach, why not? Add a few ruffles below the hemlines!

Denim ruffles


8. Wear them as cute babydoll sundresses

Jeans sundresses

Source: pinterest.com

9. You never knew you could make flip-flops out of denims and old jeans, now did you!

Denim flip-flops

Source: e.hf163.com

10. Turn them into crop tops

Denim crop tops

Source: coplusk.net

11. Biker denim skirts for the chick that loves messing with boys on their large noisy toys. Or add lace to make then chic sexy palazzos.

Denim palazzos

Source: pinterest.com

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12. How about some sexy denim bikini’s?

Denim bikini

Source: estylingerie.com

13. Peplum denim tops anyone?

Peplum denim tops

Source: dofabstyle.com

14. Conjure a sassy cocktail dress for the party tonight

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Denim cocktail dress

Source: mylifescoop.net

15. Convert old jeans and denims into chic college bags!

Recycle jeans bags

Source: blogspot.com

Bonus Style

Fancy the LBD worn by Audrey Hepburn in the movie, BREAKFAST AT TIFFANYS? Here’s your chance to create your own LBD and this time from your old denims!

Dress with old denims

Source: pinterest.com

We’ve given you ideas and ways to recycle old denim jeans, and now there shouldn’t be anymore excuses as to what to do with the old denims too.

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