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What to Keep In Mind While Wearing Denim Skirts?

by Fashionlady
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How to Wear a Denim Skirt
Denim skirt and the fashion world have always had a love-hate kind of a relationship. Denim skirts have been out of trend for a long time. But slowly now, they are making a comeback. While we are glad that they’re again considered to be ‘’in’’, we can’t help but wonder what it is about denim skirts that makes them fluctuate between being a fashionable item to being a fashion faux pas? After doing a little research we have found that while denim skirts are cute and can be styled to create awesome outfits, the problem is that more often than not women seem to not know how exactly to wear their denim skirts. You need to pay attention to everything from the style, cut and length of the skirt to what you wear it with.

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We’re going to give you a run-down on what you need to keep in mind while wearing a denim skirt.

The Length

The length of your skirt is of utmost importance. While picking a denim skirt, be sure to try it out to ascertain if the skirts length suits your frame. There are four major lengths to choose from – mini, knee length, calf length and full length. But you need to remember that depending on your height, these lengths may look different on you. For instance, a knee length skirt may come somewhere below the knee for a short person. This means that the skirt is somewhere between a knee-length and a calf-length skirt and that is just not a flattering length to opt for. Similarly, a full length skirt may awkwardly hang above your ankles if you are a tall girl. So determining if the length suits your frame is the first step towards picking a denim skirt.

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Denim Skirts for womens

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The Wash

The type of wash in the denim will also affect how the skirt looks on you. For instance, certain washes can make your thighs look bulky while certain others will have a more flattering, slimming effect. Take a look at the below pictures. In the first picture the skirt has a light vertical washed out effect on her thigh region. This helps to accentuate her shapely figure. In the second photo, the wash is quite subtle in the light denim. It does nothing to slim or tone down her figure. But that is okay as the model is slim anyway and is not looking to create an illusion of a slimmer figure.

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Pleats are for Girls

Please refrain from wearing short pleated denim skirts. Unless you are a teenager, pleated denim skirts are a strict no-no. They look good on kids and teens but not so much on grown women. The short pleated skirt looks too much like a cheerleader’s skirt and wearing it in your late twenties will just make you look like someone who refuses to dress her age.


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Balance Out The Skin Show

If you are wearing a short denim skirt then wearing a long sleeved top is a good idea. The aim here is to balance out the skin show so that you end up looking cute and sexy and not trashy. Wearing a short denim skirt with a spaghetti top is just too tacky. After all, when you are showing so much of your legs, why not cover up your arms to balance out the skin show?

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