Unveiling Kim Kardashian’s Closet- 15 Best Ensembles Worth A Loot


Unveiling Kim Kardashian’s Closet

Irrespective of what the tabloids write about her, and what her rivals speak of her, Kim has a world of her own and she is happy being nonchalant to the naysayers out there. Love her or hate her, Kim has the guts to carry the hourglass frame in total elan and style. Not many women with a bootylicious body such as hers can carry their bodies with such elegance and grace, and here we credit her sense of fashion and style. From cocktail gowns to onesies, PJs to chic designer wear, skater skirts to grunge suits, Kim has donned them all and with total aplomb that too! Here are 15 of her best styles unveiled!

One shade of grey

Raven hair, pink lip gloss and fine eyeliner, Kim looks stunning in the all-grey ensemble. A grey full-sleeved crop top and a pencil skirt in the same shade. Stripper heels!

Kim kardashian closet
Source: dailymail.co.uk

2014 colour blocks

Kim follows the fashion weeks and adheres to trends without a doubt, and sometimes she makes her own statement with colour blocks too. Grey full-sleeved tops with an orangish pink pencil skirt and heels, who would have thought of this style but Kim?

Kim style
Source: elle.com

Onesie jumpers and a chunky belt

Leave your hair loose like a raven and wear your heels, the onesies jumper with the chunky belt worn by Kim does the haute trick!

Kim kardashian jumpers
Source: blogspot.com

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Cool urban woman look

Sunshades for the eyes, a fedora to protect the scalp and hair from the sun, a crisp summer coat in black with cigarette pants in the same shade and a white loose top inside, Kim rocked the summer look!

Kim summer look
Source: etsy.com

The royal blue entree

Kim and her daring styles, even though she’s a busty girl, has stunned the world around. Parties and Kim go hand in hand, and the damsel knows how to dress for the occasion too.

Kim kardashian inroyal blue
Source: dailymail.co.uk

Sexy in pink

If Aerosmith had to sing the song ‘PINK IS MY FAVORITE COLOUR’ once again, we are sure he would dedicate it to Kim. The sexy pink cotton outfit worn by Kim at a launch event last year created magic for summer fashion.

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Kim in pink
Source: favim.com

Yummy doting mummy fashion

Lucky little one sitting close to his mother, Kim when out with her son to the movies or the mall would dress like the rest, but still has the swag! Sexy denims with a branded tee and slingback for the feet, wooopie!

Kim kardashian with son
Source: wordpress.com

Sheer leather

Touching a little on the dominatrix lines, sheer tops with leather pants and sexy heels for Kim, need we say anything more?

Kim in leather
Source: stylebistro.com

Getting high in life

Kim’s hourglass sexy figure further accentuated with high-waist black jeans, embossed with studded embellishments on two ends and a white crisp shirt unbuttoned on top! We shall blame her for the raging heat wave this summer!

Kim in high wais jeans
Source: pinimg.com

The corporate look

A black trench coat, a white shirt and a black midi-skirt with heels and hair raven like, Kim can stir boardroom meetings and win her deals too!

Kim kardashian corporate look
Source: zimbio.com

Hello Sunshine

A sexy high-knee slit gown in yellow and the luscious lovely enticing red lips; a package that flaunts the curves and the damsel’s innate desire to woo the world comes through!

Kim in yellow slit gown
Source: alibaba.com


Sheer embroidered tales

A passionate lover of all things sheer and pencil shaped too, Kim in sheer embroidered tops with flashing blood red pencil skirts has been seen hitting the pubs of late!

Kim Kardashian style check
Source: pinimg.com

Branded while shopping

Cute baby pink Maison Martin Margiela coat on top of a crop top in white and a sexy body hugging Wolford dress. Kim carries a Hermés bag and puts her best foot forward with Prada heels, beat that!

Kim floral swag
Source: lolobu.com

From a full-clothed haute look to the ravishing two-piece bikini and something baring the butt-all! Kim has style, confidence and the new-age swagalicious strut, most PYTs and her rivals can never match up to!


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