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How to Wear Pink Denims: Get your Spring Look On!

by Fashionlady
How to Wear Pink Denims

How to Wear Pink Denims Get your Spring Look On
It’s the season of colored denims. Blue jeans are a passé, considering the tons of options you have now. From red, blue, green and even pink, colored denims are a perfect way to get your spring look on. Pink denims may seem a little daunting but if you can team them up with some good t-shirts and tops, then they can look real good.
Read on to know more on how to style pink denims:

1. Pair them up with Nudes:

This may seem as an unlikely combination, but hot pink denims can look really good with nude coloured tops. This is a relaxed look and is perfect for a day out or for running errands. Don a hat and some loop earrings and flats to get your look complete. Throw in a shrug or a varsity jacket to give an edgy look.

Make-up: Natural or nude makeup will do the trick. Since this is a day look, try and steer away from bright shades of lip stick or eyeliner. If you want a bolder look, you can play with your cheeks and dab on some rouge for your face to pop up.

What to buy: Arrow Nude top (Rs. 1,119)

Pink Denims_Pair them up with Nudes

Source: styleinlima.net

2. Mix and match prints:

Polka dot tops or chevron printed tops too look good with pink denims. They can be of any colour, but make sure you do not pile on too much jewelry because it will kill the look. It will draw attention from the top to the embellishments. Wear a plain pair of black heels to complete your look.

Make-up: Since this a brighter look, you can keep it down on the makeup front. A pop of bright lipstick would be enough to complete the entire look.

What to buy: Red Chevron Print top (Rs. 499)

Pink Denims_Mix and match prints

Source: amazonaws.com

3. Lace them up:

White lace tops and pink denims (a little lighter in colour) look perfect for a flirty look. You can wear statement necklaces with this combination for a bolder look. White lace tops are very feminine and delicate. Bonus points if you can style them with some dainty accessories too.

Make-up: Since white and lace are pretty light, try balancing the look on your face too. You can use eye-shadow and some rouge to play with your look.

What to Buy: Vero Moda White lace top (Rs 2,295)

Pink Denims_Lace them up

Source: sheknows.com


4. Denims on Denims:

Denims on denims are so in vogue now! From Kim Kardashian to her little sister Kylie, you can see everyone sporting this fashion. The best thing is, you can never go wrong with denims on denims. If you are thinking of pairing your pink jeans with some denims, make sure you pair them up with light denim t-shirts. This would make the look much better. Faded to light blue ones look good and tuck them up with neutral toned belts. Silver hoops and ballet flats will complete the look.

Make-up: Pay attention to contouring and add bright lipstick to this look

What to buy: Only Casual Denim Shirt (Rs, 2,295)

Denims on Denims

Source: whicdn.com

What to buy: Vero Moda Lace trim black camisole (Rs. 240)

Pink Denims_Layers and jackets

Source: polyvoreimg.com

Pink denims are extremely stylish and can look perfect with almost everything. The trick is to pair them with the right tops.

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Tara Nair April 21, 2015 - 2:57 pm

Very tricky colour. Doesn’t match with all skin tones I believe… But thanks for sharing the info.

FashionLady April 23, 2015 - 11:24 am

Hey Tara,
Thanks for reading our post. While pink denims is definitely tricky to wear, as mentioned in the article, you will have to team it up the right way. Always remember to keep the look super simple and minimal.


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