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The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Denim on Denim

by Fashionlady

We’ve seen celebrities flaunting this look, from international super model Miranda Kerr to our very own Katrina Kaif. Now it’s time for you to know all there is to know about how to rock the denim on denim look.

It’s a super cool look that is a great option for traveling and for a casual day out. Here are simple to-follow-rules to remember while wearing denim on denim.


Try the denim on denim look with different types of jeans, from pencil fit to boyfriend jeans., Experiment to find out which works with what.

Denim on Jeans

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Play with colours, especially if you’re new to this look. Wear a pair of white jeans with a denim jacket for a denim-on-denim look that is more subtle and so easier to carry off.

play with colors

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Wear the right shade. Dark denims give an illusion of a slimmer frame, and lighter denims make you look fuller. So knowing how to use and manipulate the shades will help you play up your good features and tone down your bad ones.

wear the right shade


Do wear shorts. Shorts will help you cut down on the intensity of the denim on denim look and give you more leeway to experiment without worrying about it being too much.

Wear Shorts

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Opt for distressed jeans. They are great for this look. Something about a pair of ripped jeans is just perfect for the denim on denim effect.


Add some metal accessories. This helps give some relief from all that denim and at the same time makes the denim stand out more.

Wear dressy shoes. Yes, we’re talking about high heels and patent leather shoes that look dressy and expensive. Pairing expensive shoes with basic denim makes a fashion statement. Try it, you’ll love how it looks.



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Please please refrain from replicating the cowboy look. As tempting as it might be, do not go in for a cowboy look. This means no suede boots, hats, and definitely no pigtails! We are trying to make a complex look work, not trying to create a costume for a cowboy-theme party.

Okay this point is quite obvious. Do not go overboard with the denim. So if you’re wearing a denim shirt and jeans then do not wear denim shoes or a denim belt! In short, no denim accessories for the denim on denim look. It will just end up being too much, making you look unfashionable.

Do not wear any two denim items that you own together. That is not how the denim on denim look works. There is nothing cool or remotely fashionable about it. When we say denim on denim look, we mean knowing what denim item to pair with your jeans to create an edgy look that manages to be well put together.

katrina kaif dont's on denim

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Katrina Kaif seems to have gone in for the shoddy traveller look. The usually well dressed actress totally missed the mark on this denim on denim look. It looks very generic and does nothing to flatter her otherwise enviable figure.

The denim on denim trend is quite tricky and will take a while to get the hang of. But if you get it right, you can create a very unusual and edgy look that shows that you know a thing or two about fashion. And now that you have the dos and don’ts list, creating the denim on denim look just became so much more easier.

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