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The White Shirt Trend Is About To Take Over Your Instagram Feed

by Fashionlady
White Shirt Trends For Woman

White Shirt Trends

It was Ramon Martin and Ryan Lobo, from Australia owners of the New-York based TOME, a label who started the white shirt trend. If you have been reading about the white shirt trend is about to take over your Instagram feed lately, it is true. Almost every girl on Instagram is adhering to the white shirt trend is about to take over your Instagram feed. The duo has designed the white shirt which is to help the esteemed Katie Ford’s Freedom For All Foundation. While you read up more on the white shirt trend is about to take over your Instagram feed, you would realise that this trend is dedicated to ending slavery and human trafficking. The word needed to be spread, which is why the duo brought on board a team of ambassadors. Some of the famous names include Yasmin Sewell, Jessica Hart, Iman, Candice Lake, Susie Lau, Carolyn Murphy, Leandra Medine and Jenna Lyons to name a few.


White Shirt Womens

Source: newsapi.com

It was at a cocktail party that the white shirt womens wear was launched. This was after the TOME resort 2015 presentation held in New York City. What the white shirt denotes according to the many press releases is that it is a sign for a ‘clean slate’. this is for the victims of trafficking and human slavery, and also a part of the TOME DNA as well.

Classic White Shirt

Source: vogue.com

Learning more about the puff sleeve for spring 2018

Looking into the Spring 2018 fashion week trends, there is so much excitement and learning to do. While the weather is changing to the warmer climes, there is a new micro trend on Instagram making waves already. You can start wearing the trend right away in India, for we are already in the warmer climes.

White Shirt Trend

Source: marieclaire.co.uk

We are talking about statement sleeves here

Puffy statement sleeves to be precise. Instagrammers and fashion bloggers alike are posting pictures of the white puff sleeve shirt like never before. What they have done is to amalgamate the classic white shirt with sleeves that have plenty of volumes. They pair it up with very fitted pieces, such as pencil skirts and straight leg trousers, which helps strike the right balance.

Last summer, puff sleeves made an impact in its own small ways. But this season, it is all coming back to look nice and grand. One should follow Anne Laure Mais aka Adenorah on Instagram who is a fashion Instagrammer from Paris for this trend.

White Puff Sleeve Shirt

Source: instagram.com/adenorah/

Here we see Anne wearing the white puff sleeve shirt with a fitted denim. A classy way to flaunt your curves and to look super chic too. You can also wear the classic white shirt with fitted pieces, such as a pencil skirt, a mini skirt, trousers and more to adorn a new look and to start off with the micro trend.

We hope this new trend on Instagram has inspired you enough. Do write in with your thoughts and queries, and let us know if you too would be following the micro trend of wearing the white puff sleeve shirt too!

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