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How to Store and Preserve Your Heavily-Worked Expensive Clothes

by Fashionlady
How to Store and Preserve Your Heavily-Worked Expensive Clothes

to Store and Preserve Your Heavily-Worked
After spending a small fortune on your bridal outfits, it will be an absolute crime if you let your clothes get damaged by storing them poorly. Expensive clothes need to be handled with care. Know how to store and preserve your clothes, keeping them as good as new for years to come. We all know that delicate silk and satin outfits should only be dry cleaned. But what most people do not seem to realize is that where you give your clothing to be dry cleaned also matters. Don’t just go to a dry cleaner near your house or who provides the cheapest service. Go to a good, reputed dry cleaning place. If your outfit has intricate bead and stone work, request the dry cleaners to be extra gentle.

Dry Clean

Always have your outfit dry cleaned before storing it. Never skip this crucial step. Simply folding and storing your outfit without cleaning it because there is no visible dirt on it is the worst thing you could do to your expensive clothing. Sometimes sweat doesn’t show up as a stain. But if you store your outfit without cleaning it, when you take it out after weeks or months, you may notice sweat stains that were not there earlier. This is because the sweat has had time to settle in and create a stubborn stain. And what’s worse, the moisture from the sweat could even lead to the formation of fungus! So always, always dry clean before storing your clothes.

Dry Clean

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Avoid Hot Iron

Never take a hot iron anywhere near your expensive clothes! Silk and satin are particularly susceptible to being burned by ironers, not to mention the fading of colours that occurs when a hot
iron is used. So always opt for a vertical steam iron to work out any creases. You can get your own vertical steam iron or find a place where they steam iron clothes.

Use Soft Fabric Bags

Neatly fold and pack your clothes in soft fabric bags. Do not use plastic bags as they will not allow the clothes to breathe, resulting in a stale smell after some time. Before you pack your outfit into a fabric bag, ensure that it is completely dry. Also ensure that the shelf or wardrobe where you’re going to store your clothes is clean and free of dust, insects and any humidity or moisture. It is a good idea to keep a couple of moth balls in the shelf to ward off insects. But do not go overboard with it or your clothes will end up smelling of moth balls. Ugh!


Use Butter Paper In Between Folds

Use butter paper in between folds to make sure the beads and other embellishments do not get pulled or tangled with each other. Always fold and store your outfits to preserve its integrity. Hanging them may cause them to lose shape. Make sure you store your garments in a cool (not damp) dark place. Sunlight tends to fade out the colours over time, making your garments look old and worn out. In case you end up with a stain on your outfit, take them to the professionals. Trying to take out the stain yourself might end up doing more harm than good to your garment. Even the expertise and industrial strength products used by the dry cleaners can sometimes prove to be too futile for some stubborn stains. In such instances, the only option left to you is to try to cover up the stain with some motif or embroidery or bead work. Or in the worst case scenario, see if you can dye the whole garment a darker colour to hide the stain.

Use Butter Paper In Between Folds

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You can microwave a handful of neem leaves and place them in a cloth bag and place it amongst your clothes. This natural bug and insect repellent will keep your clothes fresh and protect them from all types of insects. But make sure the leaves are completely dry or otherwise any moisture left in them could encourage the growth of mould. Handle your expensive garments with the utmost care and caution and they will reward you by looking their very best for a long long time.

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