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Usher In Festive Cheer This Sankranthi With These 7 Evergreen Kolam Designs!

by Fashionlady
Sankranthi With Kolam Designs

Kolam or rangoli is an age-old art that is central to our traditional celebrations during Indian festivals be it Diwali, Dusshera or Sankranthi. The colorful designs not only enhance the vibrant appeal of your home decor aesthetics but also invite good luck.

Sankranthi With Kolam Designs

Kolam Rangoli for Sankranthi:

Check out our pick of seven best Kolam designs that will ensure that your creative skills leave everyone floored!

1. The Floral Kolam Designs:

Flowers are a part and parcel of our traditional decor whether it is for a puja, wedding or festival. But this flower-shaped Kolam design is literally a riot of colors! Adorning the threshold with it can definitely up your home’s glam quotient from the word go!


Source: jodilogik.com

The flower is one of the oldest motifs used in kolam rangoli designs. And recently it has been enjoying a fresh lease of life. Thanks to the growing popularity of floral prints, showcasing the lily flower, laurel plant, and lotus flower. These floral kolam designs transcend typical festival colors to embrace lighter shades. All these delicate details celebrate the different facets of kolam tradition, from translucent patterns to huge loops.

Kolam Designs For Festival

Source: webneel.com

2. Intricate Kolam Designs:

If you are a pro at rangoli making then the below Kolam design will definitely appeal to you. It is a mix of myriad traditional motifs like mango, flowers, and dots woven together to beautify your home and usher in good times!

Rangoli Designs

Source: rangolidesign.com

The traditional kolam motif designs combine sleek outlines with directional shapes. Collating a few kolam for Pongal images can give you a good headstart in choosing an attractive kolam design. The options are limitless as you can look through imaginative symbols and fantastical designs. The most unusual designs would be a toss-up between the central parts of a flower spreading across the floor with motif detailing and leaning against geometrical shapes.

Kolam Designs For Sankranti

Source: webneel.com

3. Mango Motif Kolam Design:

If you are looking for a colorful kolam design that will grab attention, then you can turn to this creative mango motif design. These designs are characterized by their fresh appeal. If you are skilled in making these mango motifs, then you can easily create this design.

Kolam Designs For Pongal

Source: webneel.com

4. Round Kolam Designs:

In kolam designs, round circular designs are most preferred. To make a perfectly round shape, you can take the help of round stencils. You can blend traditional motifs like lotus, peacock, elephant, etc to reflect a unique style.

Kolam Rangoli

Source: wikimedia.org

5. Peacock Kolam Design:

This is a gorgeous peacock kolam art with the colorful image of a peacock done on a colorful backdrop. The contrast of the colors is beautiful minus excessive details. The design is bright and apt for any house décor. The bright contrasting colors are used beautifully here.

Kolam Rangoli Designs

Source: utoronto.ca


Kolam Art

Source: youtube.com

Yet another Kolam design that can double up as a safe bet you can choose if you are trying your hand in this art form for the first time.

Simple Kolam With Dots

Source: youtube.com

Small and simple kolam with dots is one of the most popular choices. This symmetrical design is created using special kolam with dots technique. Few of you might be aware that it is a technique where a grid is drawn as the outline and complex designs are drawn connecting the dots like magic.

Kolam For Pongal

Source: rangolidesign.com

7. Simple Kolam Design:

The art of Kolam making allows a free flow of the imagination. You can try simple to complex Kolam designs depending on your skillset.

Kolam Rangoli With Dots

Source: youtube.com/channel/muggulu rangoli

This is one of the simplest of all designs for kolam and even beginners can practice this one. Once all the grids are designed, you can draw lines or kolam designs with dots like the one shown in the picture. It is a flower rangoli or flower kolam using 9 to 5 dot pattern also known as idukku pulli or pulli kolam.

Kolam With Dots

Source: youtube.com/channel/easyrangoli

Hope you liked our collection of Kolam designs that will surely add cheer and warmth to your home this festive season. Do let us know which one is your favorite Kolam design in the comments box below.

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