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Valentine’s Day Beauty Tips: Make Him Fall in Love with You Again!

by Fashionlady


Love sweet love! It is one of the deepest human emotions that acts as oxygen to get us going even at troubled times. Come New Year and we just make a list of resolutions, only to forget them within a week.

Since change is a consistent factor, it urges ushers to experiment, get bold and ultimately be different in the crowd. So, Valentine’s Day being just a month away, why not work towards making it as the most memorable V-day so far?

If you thought Valentine’s Day is all about bunking classes, watching movie, munching on popcorn and seeping coke with boyfriend then I fear you’re missing the big picture. This is one such special day in the calender which gives you optimum freedom to flaunt your best sexy look.

Just as the Prom Queen, be the best Valentine in your circuit, letting other guys go jealous of your boyfriend. With exactly one month left, you can prep yourself from today on-wards. Just consider this day to be nothing sort of your wedding day. The only difference is while on your wedding you’ll be surrounded by almost everyone you know, it’s just you and your beloved on 14th February.

This year surprise him with your fashion traits and show him the diva in you, thereby urging him to strengthen this relationship forever. And even if you’re single, you still have all the rights to look beautiful and stylish. Who knows you may bump into your future life partner on this auspicious day for lovers! So, staying gorgeous is mandatory for all the fashion believers on Valentine’s Day.

Just like your D day, you should focus on every vertical that enables you to enhance your look – from dressing and hair styling to makeup and beauty regime. So, you’ve one month in hand. I am pretty sure, loosing weight is one of your resolutions for 2014. But have you set any deadline to achieve your goal? If not then mark 14th February as your deadline and immediately start working towards it.

Here are some useful tips, which can help you prepare for V-day. Do have a look!

Make a sacrifice

Indian food by large is spicy and when it comes to outside food then God save you from calories, being accumulated from junk food, pimples and under eye dark circles due to oily food and salty snacks and dull hair and skin due to lack of proper nutrition.

  • Make a vow to stay away from junk and oily food this one month.
  • Add in lots of fibers, less proteins, plenty of good carbs and green veggies to your diet
  • Cut off caffeine and alcohol
  • Add green tea, juices and lots of water to your diet
  • Never skip your meal
  • Take small meals instead of bigger ones for proper digestion

2 Week Pre-Valentine’s Day Meal Plan


Believe me, you’ll feel the difference with a rejuvenated glowing skin and healthy hair by V-day.

Regular work-out

While diet plays 70% of the role in reducing your weight, work-out counts to 30%. So, it’s time you started hitting the gym. If gym is not a viable option and doesn’t fit in your busy work schedule then you can do some basic exercises at home. The best alternative is to go for jogging. The bottomline is you should be physically active enough to prevent the extra pounds from accumulating in your hips, waist and thighs.

Make up tips to look special on V-day!

I offer you 5 quick makeup tips to woo your boyfriend, fiancee or hubby on 14th February. Make him fall all over again in love with you, by letting him feel your youthful vibes brimming with charm and beauty. Continue reading!

#1 Glow like a diva

#3 Ditch the traditional black eyeliner

You can keep the typical black eyeliner at bay, instead try out green or purple for your eyelids. Sonia Kashuk Eye Definer in Purple Passion or Olive Suede are some of the stylish undertones to try out this Valentine’s Day.

#4 Skip hairspray for cream to smoothen strands

Hairspray can be tacky, provided you’ll join your beau for a bike ride. Instead of that, you can use a finishing hair cream to soften your hair for extra shiny effect. John Frieda Frizz-Ease Secret Weapon Finishing Crème is a recommended hair product to go for.

#5 Make your pouts kissable

Yes, no matter whether you’re newly engaged or 10 years married to your hubby, you’re for sure going to be kissed. So, it becomes the epicenter of your makeup regime. Keep the red element for your outfit and gifts and wear a soft pink or berry hue on your lips not darker than two shades of your original lip color. Use a creamy foundation, like Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss for long lasting effect.

I hope this helps! While you all indulge yourself in grooming sessions for V-day, my love affair with FashionLady,which is just an year old even urges me to put in innovative ideas. So, I vow to work with more passion and conviction only to make this affair a history in the world of fashion blogging.

Stay tuned for more interesting stories and tips!

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