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Vitiligo – Tips And Advice on How To Remedy Them At Home

by Fashionlady
Vitiligo – Tips And Advice on How To Remedy Them At Home

Heard about Chantelle Brown-Young; a famous supermodel who has set the world of fashion on fire? What’s new about her you ask, since everyone seems to be doing it at some point in their careers. Well, Chantelle Brown-Young is vitiligo challenged, but guess what? She’s a model and is comfortable in her own skin.

Chantelle doesn’t model for plus size clothes, when we say ‘comfortable in her own skin’. In fact, the model suffers from Vitiligo (a skin condition) and she has braved the fashion bastion, going beyond the stereotypes of ‘flawless skin’ and ‘super-perfect looks’- walking the ramps at famous fashion weeks and for eminent designers too.

Not everyone would have the courage to brave the world suffering from Vitiligo. But all hope isn’t lost- if you too suffer from Vitiligo, here is your chance to learn how to remedy the condition at home. Please read on and learn more!

What is Vitiligo?

Our skin, hair and eyes have a special pigment that brings about the colour to them- deprivation of the pigment leads to white patches appearing on the surface of the skin- Vitiligo thus forms. The ‘special cells’ mentioned are ‘melanocytes’ – responsible for colour production and pigments. Death of these cells results in the whitening of the skin, the hair and the eyes too.


Source: essence.com

Is it an autoimmune disorder?

Assumptions for the same have been made; however, it is the immune system that destroys, attacks and behaves erratic with the ‘melanocytes’. Some blame sunburn or emotional stress as being the causes for Vitiligo too.

Is it an autoimmune disorder

Source: visualnews.com

Areas affected?

  1. Face
  2. Neck
  3. Arms
  4. Feet
  5. Hands
  6. Lips
  7. Genitals
  8. Groins
  9. Nostrils
  10. Eyes, to name a few

Home remedies

Spending a bomb on skin issues isn’t the only way out, not when your kitchen at home has magical remedies to help do away with Vitiligo. Here are the best 5 tips!


Papaya is known for its powers to revive the ‘melanin’ cells in the body. The fruit when chopped and rubbed over the affected areas, works like magic. Let the juice of the fruit dry completely after application- topically the fruit does wonders, but you can consume the juice of papaya too.


Source: blogspot.com

Red clay

Effective and cheap, red clay has plenty of copper traces in it- a mineral that helps restore pigmentation. Two tablespoons of red clay is what you’d need to add to a tablespoon of ginger juice. The mixture when ready should be cold to feel; rub the mixture everyday over the affected areas and allow it to dry. The rubbing effect helps stimulate blood flow and restores the colour of the skin.


Red clay

Source: allnaturalvitiligocure.com


Don’t go by its miniature size- Duckweed is easily available in ponds and lakes anywhere in the world. The watery weed is ‘lignan’ rich- an active ingredient that restores skin colour. Grinding duckweed into a paste and adding a teaspoon of natural honey to it would be the best DIY remedy. For the best results, drink the juice of duckweed – twice post meals, daily!


Source: beautyglimpse.com


High with medicinal properties and very valuable as a food product too- Goosefoot has plenty of vitamins, folic acid, minerals and protein, along with folic acid in it. Eating Goosefoot twice a week for two or more months would be nice. Even the juice of Goosefoot when applied on the patches thrice everyday would show a marked difference as well.


Source: natural-homeremedies.org

We hope this information comes in handy. Please remember, you should consult a dermatologist before trying any of the remedies mentioned at home. The article has been written through pure research only!

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