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What Are Violet Sugar Scrub Cubes And How Are They Helpful?

by Fashionlady
Diy Sugar Scrub Cubes

Violet Sugar Scrub Cubes

We bet you have never heard of the violet sugar scrub cubes, and to be honest, we too didn’t hear much about it. Apart from the normal sugar scrub cubes, which we mostly use for exfoliation in many beauty regimes, the violet sugar scrub cubes are something new as a beauty trend being used at many beauty parlors across the west. And it seems that the violet sugar scrub cubes have caught on the fancy in asian beauty regimes too. Let’s take a look a look at what violet sugar scrub cubes are all about.

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Here’s what it does

At the esteemed NOVA STUDIO, many PYTs gathered to learn more about the DIY sugar scrub cubes, which had a chic violet touch to it. The solid sugar cubes were a scrubbing agent that helped exfoliate the skin and make it soft and supple too. Nothing quite different from the many uses of sugar body scrub, using DIY sugar scrub cubes as such, apart from the color, but visually pleasing it is.

Violet Sugar Scrub Benefits

DIY Sugar Scrub Cubes

What you need are a combo of many essential oils, melted soap and sugar granules. The need to be mixed well and stored in the fridge overnight, and then applied to the skin the next morning. The cubes are gently used to help exfoliate the skin and can be customised in any color you wish to have.
Violet Sugar Scrub Cube Uses

How To Make It?

The DIY violet sugar scrub cubes are easy to make. Here we have found a simple way to bring the recipe to manifest, so that you can use it to enhance your beauty regime and looks.


  • Grab hold of a mold to make the cubes
  • 1 cup granulated white sugar
  • 11oz melted soap base
  • 6oz of almond oil
  • 3oz of glycerine
  • A drop of violet fragrance oil
  • Liquid violet colouring

Sugar Scrub Cubes

Start by melting the soap base on low heat until it forms a liquidish base. Remove from the flame and while it is still liquidish, add the almond oil, drop by drop- keep stirring with a wooden spoon. Once the oil is added, add the glycerine and give it a stir for a couple of seconds. Now add the sugar granules and then mix. In the final round, add the coloring and the violet fragrance oil, and give the bowl a good mix for five seconds. Pour the mixture into the molds and freeze overnight. By morning they would form into the desired violet sugar granules needed.

Benefits Of Sugar Body Scrub

Shower With It

While showering, instead of using the soap you use daily for cleansing needs, you could use the violet sugar granule cubes. Gently rub them on your skin, in circular and anti circular motions. Be very gentle when you come to the neck and the face, and go a little robust around your armpits, your elbows and the chest or the thorax region.

Uses Of Sugar Body Scrub

This is a beauty regime that not only has benefits for the upper part and the face on our body, but for the whole body. For oily skin, use the cubes twice a week to restore the pH balance of the skin and to exfoliate the skin. For normal to dry skin, use this formula thrice a week and for combination or sensitive skin, it would be best to use it once a week.

Homemade Sugar Scrubs

We hope you are thrilled with this homemade sugar scrubs, as much as we were happy sharing it with you. Do check around for more natural body scrubs made from sugar granules that we have already spoken about and also learn about the various benefits we can obtain from such scrubs too.

Natural Body Scrubs

Stay gorgeous and beautiful using DIY natural body scrubs always!

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