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Wear Botanical Tattoos For The Love Of Nature

by Fashionlady
Botanical Tattoo

Botanical Tattoos

When you hear the birds chirping or the leaves rustling, what comes to your mind? Bird sanctuary, wildlife, or a thriller based on an adventure novel? Well, you can actually experience all of this while sporting nature-based botanical tattoos.

Well, nature has always been beautiful and a subject on which endless novels might have been written. But plant tattoos is something which has added a stunning fashion twist to it.

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How are botanical flower tattoo created? Through botanical plates which have illustrations of flowers, fruits and other natural treasures. That is why, artists have always been fascinated by intricate creations of nature. Remember, plants constantly remind us of their smell, which is also a signal for us to revive it through plant tattoos.

Plant Tattoos

Botanical Tattoo Ideas are a great thing to adorn your body with. That’s because the vegetal shapes can be easily adapted to the curves of the feminine body. So botanical tattoos are not only harmonious with nature, they are also a mini celebration of it.

Botanical Tattoo Ideas

Popular Botanical Tattoo Artists

Won’t you want to know the crafted hands who do botanical tattoos? Pis Saro is one such tattoo artist from Cremia who makes lovely plant portraits on arms, legs and spines of her international clients. She specializes in drawing exquisite and realistic botanical tattoos. The best part is that her tattoos are inspired by specimens that she sees while talking a walk in gardens and parks when she is in a travel mood. In fact, such is the demand for her work that she has taken her botanical tattoo designs to countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, Lebanon, Holland, the Czech Republic.


Saro said the following to Illusion magazine “The mood of my art changes with the seasons. I grow flowers and watch them attentively, looking at each fractal detail in petals and leaves. They’re not as simple as they seem! I like to study plants, animals and birds of different countries, too, always searching for new ideas. In nature, everything is perfect.”

Botanical Tattoo Designs

Kirsten Holliday is yet another botanical tattoo artist, 30-year old, who designs beautiful botanical tattoos using a muted colour pallet. Vintage science and botanical illustrations, vintage postcards, traditional tattoos are few of the tattoos that inspire her.

Botanical Tattoo Designs For Women

Now that you have seen rocking examples of nature-driven tattoos, let us check out some of the phenomenal botanical tattoo designs that will surely convince you to get them inked and walk the nature way.

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Fern Tattoo

Won’t you like if fern plant makes a move from the botany class to your arm? I am referring to botanical illustration tattoo of fern which has many cultural meanings. But you know something – fern tattoo is a favourite among nature lovers.

Fern Tattoo

Vintage Tattoo

The vintage botanical tattoos have their own charm.

Vintage Tattoo

Flower Tattoo

When you see this delicate botanical flower tattoo, most of you would immediately love to get it inked.

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Flower Tattoo

So which of the plant tattoos shown made you fall for them? Drop us a line and tell. Even if you are no tattoo person, seeing the beautiful botanical tattoos above will bring some joy to your day, too.

Images Source:pinterest.com

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