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What Dresser are You – Classic Rebel Sporty Casual or Desi

by Fashionlady
womens Classic Rebel

Classic Rebel Sporty for womens

Don’t judge a book by its cover – It’s absolutely true when it comes to judging someone by his/her dressing. With so many styles to opt for, you must have chosen one for yourself. But have you ever thought which category you fall in? Never mind, Fashionlady will help you identify your style. Read on!

Basically, there are 5 types of categories in which women usually dress up. These are as follows:


The dream girl

If your love interest lies in pastel shades of pink, peach, lilac or gray and you prefer light-as air dresses paired with ballet flats then you are the archetype of feminity.

feminine style

Source: pinterest.com

womens feminine style

Source: pinterest.com

Such kind of women always love to flaunt their sensuality in floral prints and thus, prefer flowy silhouettes made from chiffon, organza and georgette. You always get attracted to embellishments such as delicate embroidery, ruffles lace and Swarovski-encrusted accessories.


The rule breaker

Such women are non-traditionalist by nature and they hardly follow fads. They usually prefer to have an aesthetically cluttered look. They always try to replace the delicate traditional tailoring with loud volumes, melo-dramatic drapes, excessively layered fabrics and electic patterns.

womens rebel style

Source: pinterest.com

women rebel style

Source: pinterest.com

By preferring up-cycled outfits and tattered finishing details and sometimes chopping off the sleeves of their blouses and flaunting popping collars, the rebels love to be in bestowal with what their hearts follow regardless of social condemnation.

Heavy make-ups such as dark eyes and lips, funky accessories, streaks and exaggerated handbags – these all prove that they fall in this category.


Simplicity at best

These ladies not only love their adventures but comfort too. Sporty outfits interest you as they enable you with a relaxed look. Comfortable shorts, capri lengths, hoodies, long sweatpants, sporty skirts and boyfriend jackets define their fashion statement.

womens sporty style

Source: pinterest.com

sporty style for womens

Source: pinterest.com

There are people who prefer comfort over everything else. Their fashion quotient expresses their feeling of the moment. It might be a pair of oversized jump suits at times or dark hued denims or a slogan T-shirt. They do not likely synchronize their wardrobe like that of a feminist.

womens best casual style

Source: pinterest.com

womens casual style

Source: pinterest.com

If they find a pair of ballets are comfy than platforms then they will not mind wearing them to a party.


Chic lovers

These dresses always love dress up without going too fussy and avoiding loud labels. Black, navy and grey are their flattering basics. They prefer blouses in neutral shades such as cream, beige and white and trousers in darker shades such as navy, grey and black.

Classic Style for womens

Source: pinterest.com

best Classic Styles for womens

Source: pinterest.com

Their style is timeless and they always create their own style. They have a long-lasting affair with pearls and diamonds. They look is always understated with minimal make-up. And they always complement their look with a sophisticated handbag, large aviators and a scarf or occasional head gears.

So, what kind of dresser are you? Please share your style statement with us.

Awaiting response!

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