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What Is So Special About The Gorgeous Kanchipuram Sarees?

by Fashionlady
Kanchipuram Saree

Kanchipuram Sarees

Kanchipuram sarees are a pleasure to wear and flaunt. Do you not agree on the same? But why are kanchipuram sarees such a fashion rage? Why does everyone want one?

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

While down in south india, you would find many women wearing the traditional pattu saree for grand events and occasions, if you ever have to attend a wedding. The traditional kanchipuram silk sarees are common.

Kanjivaram Silk Sarees

Women of all walks of life, age groups and body shapes, wear these sarees. The gold and threaded work on them are mind blowing to say the least, and they make a woman look like a queen.

Kancheepuram Sarees

They say, the quality and price of the saree grows higher by its age, which means, the older they are the costlier they get. And these sarees are very strong and durable too, and can outlive the wearer, which is why we notice down south, kanjivaram silk sarees are handed down from mothers to daughters, generation after generation as prized possesions.

South Indian Sarees

Amongst the many kancheepuram sarees, you would find most of them in mind blowing designs, color combos and noticeable work on them. The weave of these sarees are native to a small town of Kanchi(Kanchipuram) in Tamil Nadu. More than a century of weaving tradition has happened here, which brought to fame the south indian sarees, especially the kanjeevaram silk sarees.

Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees

Guess what, although the fashion fads with sarees have come and gone all these years, the mega style of kanchipuram sarees did not change a bit. These are sarees that have intricate zari work on them, especially on the bridal kanjeevaram saree, and hence is a prized possession. The silk is highly durable, and hence the fashion of wearing kanjeevarams will never go out of fashion.

Kanchipuram Silk Sari

The many designs found on kanchipuram silk sarees are the following-

  1. Parrots
  1. Peacocks
  1. Elephants
  1. Deer
  1. Swans
  1. Mythological scenes and notes
  1. Notes from the holy Bhagwad Gita
  1. Patterns from pallava temples
  1. Paintings
  1. Palaces and more

Kanchipuram Silk Saris

Kanchipuram Sarees Fashion

Each of the kanjivaram silk sarees you see are elegant and personified as unique. This is why and it is so true to note that no two kanjeevaram or kanchipuram sarees would be alike. The vibrant hues and rich decorations on each saree is one different from another.

Sridevi in Kanchipuram Saari

What you should notice would be the bright colors and the vibrant heavy borders, along with pallus that are contrasting or the zari notes on the borders that bring a very traditional touch to the sarees.

The red silk sarees are an epitome of grace and adds more beauty to the wearer. This is why, most south indian brides opt for red kanjeeveram or kanchipuram sarees.

South Indian Silk Sarees


When it comes to green, the kanjeevaram or the kancheepuram sarees are found in both dark and light tones. They have pallus and borders that contrast and look decent, and graceful when draped right.

Pure Silk Sarees

How it began

In the past, the fabric of the sarees was thick and was woven in a way to blend the thick fabric with the patterning and culture of the town, the temples around, the palaces, nature and the stories told in mythological books.

Kancheepuram Sari

As time passed, what was once a nine yard saree, changed into a six yard affair. And this is also when zati weaving was introduced into the making of a kanjeevaram saree. Mostly richest gold threads were used in the weaving of the saree, but to suit budgets, there are artifical gold zari south indian sarees available too. The shine and sheen still remain intact.

Indian Silk Sarees

In terms of shapes and textures or styles, the kanjeevaram silk sarees have undergone a change without losing its original traditional touch. To add more grace to the original touch, each style is given a name, for example, THANDAVALAM. This is where the parallel lines and designs of the sarees are best used to describe the style of the saree.

Violet Kanchipuram Saree

Wearing and maintaining

When wearing the lustrous garment, kanjeevaram silk sarees have a charm of its own, and can be worn for grandest of occasions and festivals. Traditional gold jewelry or temple jewelry suit the garment best. For maintenance, dry cleaning is the best, followed by packing it up in a dry plastic bag and kept nicely folded.

Red Kanchipuram Saree

We hope you get your lovely kanjeevaram silk sarees to flaunt during the festive season! What are your thoughts on this post on kanjeevaram silk sarees? Do write in and let us know!

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