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What Kind Of Lehenga Will Suit You Well

by Fashionlady



The word “Indian Bride” gives us a a very unique sketch. All we can think of is a sweet and charming young and sky woman with designs of deep crimson henna on her arms and feet, pretty trinkets, kohl rimmed eyes, heavy jewellery, glowing make-up, bridal finery and of course dressed in the most gorgeous lehengas!

A lehenga is a long, flowing and voluminous skirt ideally paired with cholis or corsets and drapped around these is the beautiful dupatta. This ensemble is made much more beautiful with embellished with beads, sequins, motifs, rich embroideries and work. Lehengas speak volumes with their grandeur, sheer beauty and grace.

Especially a bridal lehenga, which is rich with its lovely fabric, design, cut and color. Something like this –


Source : Pinterest

In preparation for the wedding day, the bride begins to look at various magazines, brochures, designer stores for the perfect lehenga. Amidst such variety, colours, price ranges, patters, offers, designs and options, it is so difficult to zero in on the lehenga for the wedding.

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But how do you know which style of lehenga suits you the best out of all the rich shades, cuts, styles, patterns and designs?

which style lehenga suits you best

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Fashionlady presents to you an exclusive edition on bridal lehengas for different body structure and shapes. This one is a special edition for all the brides to be and young girls who dream of their Prince Charming!

Here we go!

Straight Cut Lehenga

Straight Cut Lehenga

Source : Pinterest

One of the most preferred bridal lehengas, this one flatters numerous body types and goes well. Resembling a wrap around skirt, this lehenga falls straight from the waist to the hemline with slits on sides. It looks best paired with a choli which falls beneath the collarbone for giving a long and enhanced look to the body.


Mermaid Style

mermaid style fish cut lehenga

Source : Pinterest

This one definitely accentuates those curves – the lehenga fits snugly till the knees and it flares out gracefully. This lehenga suits women who have an hourglass figure or a straight body. It can be worn in combination with a gorgeous corset or a daring halter-neck style choli.

Circular Lehenga

circular lehenga

Source : Pinterest

Panel Length Lehenga

Panel Length Lehenga

Source : Pinterest

This lehenga creates a required amount of flare and offers a slimming effect. It is made of numerous panels stitched together which are similar fabrics or different kinds of fabrics. This lehenga looks even better with a long choli which hides any extra flab and creates the perfect slim silhouette.

Hope this helped you decide on what kind of lehenga will compliment and flatter your body on the most important day of your life.

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party wear lehenga

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