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“Eat Your Water” Said No One But Us: 10 Ways To Do So, Read On Girls

by Fashionlady
Eat Your Water

Ways To EAT Your Water
Why you would want to EAT YOUR WATER, we shall tell you so! You maybe wondering if all that was taught to you in schools was wrong, because you were told water is a LIQUID; try munching that! Before you think of us as a case of going bonkers and berserk, we would want to reiterate the benefits on eating water. Stop pulling your hair and giving us the ‘I-am-so-gonna-kill-you’ look now, have a little patience and read on- you’d then know what we mean by eating water! But first, the wonders of water!

Benefits of water

Try living a day without water and we would bow down to your mighty stance. While most yogis and holistic gurus claim to do so, we wouldn’t want to debate or promote their beliefs and practices, and with total respect to their way of life, we would suggest doing your own research on them.

Almost seventy percent of the human body is made up of water, and the same would be lost on a daily basis too. This means, while we sweat it out at work or play, our bodies need to be rehydrated and replenished with the colourless, odourless liquid, or else we would end up with a case of dehydration- sometimes fatal to the existence of human life too!

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Water flushes out the toxins from our bodies, through sweat, urine and even through our faecal matter each day. Unwanted waste and remnants from the body too are flushed out, and if the internals are kept clean, the body glows on the outside too.

Finally, we urge you to read more about the benefits of water, but remember a glass of water before a meal, helps you slim down too!

eat your water skin

Source: runnersworld.co.za

Let’s eat water now!

1. Fancy eating a bowl of water for lunch? Munch on cucumbers and lettuce. While cucumbers have 96% of water in them, lettuce too contains the same amount of water in it!

2. Spice the water eating habit a little with sweet grapes that have 92% of water in them, along with chopped sweet peppers that contain 92% of water as well

3. Should you want to eat a wholesome veggie dish, chop pieces of cauliflower which has 92% of water in it, and to this add spinach which has the same amount of water content too- make a curry or a side dish and munch away!

4. A fruit bowl so yummy with strawberries, cantaloupe, watermelon and grapefruit, each of them with around 90-92 percent of water in it, keeps you enriched with all the minerals, vitamins and iron you need; plenty of water too

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5. Peaches are tasty, and with 88% of water content in it, makes a delicious healthy and a very nutritious snack to munch on- ditch the oily and sugary delights, when peaches are around

6. Cranberries and raspberries are loaded with plenty of dietary fibre, iron, sodium, antioxidants and potassium in them, and have 87% of water in each as well. So why wouldn’t you want to eat your water serving yourself a nice generous helping of these yummy fruits


7. A bowl of grapefruit and oranges together, when peeled and embellished with herbs and spices, tastes so good. The amount of water content in each of them would be anything between 86% to 87% respectively

8. Green cabbage can be consumed raw with a dash of lime and pepper, and the wholesome veggie brings to the body plenty of minerals and vitamins, and water too- 93%

9. Zucchini is a wonderful topping for soups and salads, but when eaten raw and with a dash of lime, the raw veggie brings to you 95% of water

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