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What To Wear For Meeting His Parents

by Fashionlady
Ways To Wear For Meeting His Parents

Meeting your partner’s parents is never simple. Whether it’s the first time or the 100th, presenting yourself to your partner’s family can be an event in itself.

What To Wear For Meeting His Parents

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Between meeting and spending time with his family, things can become pretty chaotic. While your stylistic choices should never be questioned, getting an approval from your boyfriend’s family makes life smoother.

Choice Of Clothes For Meeting His Parents:

Making the first impression is all about wanting to put your best foot forward. But you should not force yourself into something you’d never wear. The most important thing is making the right sartorial choices.

To hopefully help ease your anxiety, we’ve gathered few safe outfit ideas. Just remember to stay true to yourself and you are all set!

Questions You Need To Ask Your Boyfriend Before Meeting His Parents:

About a week before meeting your significant other’s parents, talk to him about his parents. But, keep the conversation light. You do not want to freak him out! Once you have passed the awkward stage, ask appropriate questions that can give you details about his parents and their likes and dislikes.

Here are a few questions you can ask your boyfriend. This can also make him feel like you’re genuinely interested in knowing his folks more.

  • Are his parents relaxed or conservative?
  • Are they strict or lenient?
  • Are his parents inviting you for a formal or a casual event?
  • Do they dress formally or casually at home?
  • What types of clothing will they approve of?

This way, you can familiarize with the occasion and present yourself in the way they expect you to turn up. In this regard, your dress should depend upon whether your invitation is to a formal or a casual event. Make sure to pick your outfit well ahead of time, so that you’re not rummaging through your wardrobe at the last minute.

Styles And Etiquette to Follow When Meeting His Parents:

If your significant other invites you home to meet his parents for the first time, what will you wear? To ease your fears, here are a few outfits to meet his parents and etiquette to follow while presenting yourself on the day.

1. A Figure Hugging Dress:

An LBD is always a perfect choice of outfit for meeting the parents. To keep the dress from looking too boring, select the one with interesting details, like pockets and bow accents. Opt for a dress that is not too clingy but still shows your curves subtly.

Figure Hugging Dress

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2. Balance a Short Dress With a Long Coat:

You needn’t toss your mini dress just yet. Instead, select the one with a billowy cut preventing it from feeling too sexy. Balance off the skirt length by layering a long-sleeved turtleneck underneath and top it off with a long coat.

Do not make use of knee-high boots with this pair-up. Instead, select a mid-calf pair. Mix it up with fun accessories.

Short Dress With A Long Coat

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3. Play Up The Pencil Skirt:

For nighttime events, a black skirt and top combination is a stylish choice. Pair the pencil skirt with a minimal sweater with fancy sparkle designs. Select a pencil skirt with a bit of a flare to keep the bottoms from feeling stiff.

You can play with the look with stylish accessories, like a mini bag.

Pencil Skirt Fashion to meet his parents

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5. Pair High-Waisted Pants With a Bustier:

Heading for a brunch with your future in-laws? Do you need to wear heels but do not wish to be overdressed? For this type of occasion, the safest bet is a pant and top combo. It walks on the line of not being overdressed and yet remaining fancy. And do not be scared of wearing a sheer top. For instance, pair high-waisted pants or bustier over a sheer top. The layering is completely up to you. Finish the look with a unique pair of pearl earrings.

Pair High-Waisted Pants With a Bustier Fashion

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6. Do Not Wear Too Much Makeup:

Keep your makeup natural and minimal when meeting his parents. Even if you do use makeup to even out your skin tone, keep it to a minimum. Use a light foundation, a faint sweep of eyeshadow, a coat of mascara, pink blush, and a simple lip gloss.

7. Wear Your Vintage Jewellery:

If you have a favorite vintage jewellery piece passed down from your mother or grandmother, then you should wear them. It can be a wonderful way to start a conversation and show how much you value your family.

Vintage Jewellery Trends

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8. Flats With Extra Something:

If heels are not you, then wear a pair of flats with an extra-dramatic design, like animal print, a pop of color, or jeweled accent. This is a perfect way to show off your personal style.


9. Show Your Personality Through Your Handbag:

You can show a bit of your personality through your choice of handbag. Do not select anything that is too dramatic. Opt for bold colors and patent leather handbags. The bag that you carry should not be too big, but large enough to fit everything you need, including makeup for touchups.

Handbag For Meeting His Parents

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10. Be Yourself:

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment of dressing to impress and forgetting that your man wants to introduce his parents to you. There is no sense to dress up fancily when they’re bound to discover later that you are quite the opposite of what you were when they saw you first. Remember to remain authentic, as it sends out a clear message to your man and his family that you are confident of yourself. Instead of submitting yourself to a complete personality change, work your personal style.

If you want to look for inspiration, then check out a celebrity with a similar style as you. Watch out how they dress up or down. This way, you can find your own way of incorporating things and presenting your true self to his parents.

11. Wear a Big Smile:

A bright and cheered face goes a long way. Even during awkward moments, smile a lot to get away with it. And do not forget your common courtesies of saying ‘thank you’ and ‘please.’ If you are visiting his parent’s home, take a bouquet of flowers or homemade cookies with you. Later on, send his parents a thank you note or message. The most essential thing about meeting your boyfriend’s parents is to relax and allow them to see your personality.

This is one case when appearance does matter. Hence, it is essential to dress and act appropriately when meeting his parents for the first time. Have you been through a similar experience of panicking over what to wear when you meet his parents? Share us how you dealt with it in the comments box below.

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