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You Need To Have These Trendy Designer Clutch Bags To Complete A Chic Summer Wardrobe

by Fashionlady
Trendy Designer Clutches

Designer Clutch Bags

You really cannot say that you are ready and all dressed, if you don’t have the right accessories to carry the look with. Accessories enhance the look and they bring to the diva a certain chic appeal, which cannot be described just in words. From statement neckpieces to angling Chaandbalis, shoes to event the designer clutch bags and more, you have got to have them all. With that being said and irrespective of what you choose to wear at your besties wedding or bash, or maybe for a formal gathering, you have got to have one of the chicest trendy designer clutches as an investment fashionable memento.

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Trendy Designer Clutches

Here are five trendy trendy designer clutches for weddings and formal dos to drool upon! Check out these five trendy clutches for wedding or clutches for brides that can be carried to the weddings and the receptions too!

Michael Kors

Who wouldn’t want to have Michael Kors on them or carrying one with them? If you really have to think about the investment made to flaunt a chic style, this is the trendiest clutch bag you need to own. Suave and high class, made from fine quality leather and one that speaks of regality like nothing else can, a tan brown MK clutch bag is one that works for all parties.

Top Clutch Brands In India

YSL Clutch

If you like it back, baby there’s no turning back, which is why YSL brings to us in an all black avatar with a sexy metal chain and embossed clip in front, a snake leather dapper looking party-office clutch. Party-office, because it can transition from the serious girl at work to the party chick so chic in a matter of seconds, and gels with almost anything you plan to wear. This is a must-have piece by YSL that you simply cannot say NO to.

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Top Clutch Brands In India

Louis Vuitton

For the love of fashion Gods, you have got to think about the Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Monogram Mink Mini Papillon Bag as one of the chicest and most wanted clutches for brides that want an earthy touch to their wedding ensemble amongst all the bling and shine. A limited edition that too, Louis Vuitton knows exactly how to stir up the emotions and minds of th fashionista that doesn’t like to drool on doubles.


Clutches For Brides

Alexander McQueen

Trust the ace maestro Alexander McQueen to come up with nothing short of a regal queen touch to anything and everything they curate. This time though, embellished with metallic touches and stones, the Alexander McQueen Embellished Fish Clutch is a major draw for most PYTs wanting a luxe affair in their hands, matching their evening wear. In pure black as a base with a metallic toning done all over, the Alexander McQueen Embellished Fish Clutch works best as a clutch that can accompany a bride at her wedding.

Clutch Bags For Weddings

Dolce Gabbana

If you love all things bling with vibrant cool colors around, you may then fall in love with the Dolce Gabbana 2014 edition of the bright blue crystal clutch. Embossed with ethnic desi embroidery and plenty of crystals and stones, the Dolce Gabbana women’s accessories, 2014 Fall-Winter clutch is a complete steal deal. Perfect to carry at one’s own wedding reception, the tones of blue and light yellows on the clutch gels into the Indian bridal ensemble concept and designs pretty well! Wouldn’t you kill for such a beauty to be in your hands? Not literally though!
Clutch Bags For Wedding
Do let us know which of these five trendy clutches caught your fancy, and if you would like to add your own personal choices to the list mentioned, we would love it if you write in on the same. Clutches are a must, so pick one that you need for the occasion you have to attend, or else the whole look would not come as complete. The next time though, we would like to write about the best of the top clutch brands in india. Keep a watch on this space!

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