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10 Commonly Found Mistakes in Daily Beauty Regime

by Fashionlady

bad beauty habits you should break

Have you ever thought your daily beauty regime may hold some minute yet deterring bad habits that are disrupting your months of effort of looking beautiful? It’s time you cleaned up your bad habits to make your beauty and fashion routine worthwhile.

Sometimes, we indulge in certain hangups subconsciously which lead to certain beauty ailments, damaging our looks and skin at the worst conditions. This edition is not about remedies for beauty ailments, but an awareness about your bad habits – a gentle reminder to stop those habits to help get positive results at the end of the day. Do have a read to find out if any of these habits match yours and stop them until it’s too late!

#Bad Habit 1 – Sleeping with makeup

This is one of the most damaging habits you have. Take this as a thumb rule. No matter how tired you are and how late you’re to bed, always remove makeup before sleeping.

bad beauty habit sleeping with makeup

During night pores of our skin open up, attracting chemicals, oil and other harmful substances to get in to the skin thereby making your skin dry, frizzy and lifeless. Use cotton balls to remove the makeup either with remover or rose water and not to mention your eye makeup too.

#Bad Habit 2 – Working out with makeup

Some women have the habit of rushing to the gym straight from workplace because of the dearth of time. If this is your case and you cannot go home to freshen up and return to gym then it’s better to carry a face wash, remover and cotton balls in your travel bag.

bad beauty habits

It’s now commonplace to see working ladies putting on eye makeup and other beauty aids to work. While working out, pores open up for sweating and if the skin is already covered with makeup then it prevents the sweat from extruding out, thereby leading to breakouts.

Just imagine having smudged eyes because of sweating? It’s better to have some makeup removal staples in your bag.

#Bad Habit 3 – Neglecting to clean makeup brushes

Let me tell you, makeup brushes can easily become the dumping ground for bacteria, followed by dirt and oil. Just like you keep your toothbrush and comb clean, it’s important to ensure your makeup tools are in hygienic condition as well. If a pimple pops out after applying makeup, we blame the brand but forget about the equipment.

bad beauty habit dirty makeup brushes

The dirty brushes can quickly transfer the germs and greasy things to your face along-with makeup, which can just stimulate rapidly to harm your delicate skin. Apart from pimples, this habit of yours can also lead to skin itching and breakouts.

It’s suggested that you wash your brush every week or every few days for complete prevention. If you can get a brush cleaner from any drug store it’s better or else rinse them in warm water with antibacterial soap. Let your brush dry under direct sunlight and store them in safe and clean place.

#Bad habit 4 – Biting and licking chapped lips

Let me confess here. This is one of my bad habits that I have been trying to get rid of it for years now. May be I’m not that serious, so I always end up with more cracks because of the dry skin and also hurting myself.

bad beauty habit biting chapped lips

If your chapped lips are not healing even though you apply balm regularly, it indicates you either lick or bite them off. Apart from using good lip balm, make sure to stop this habit forefront as winter has already approached.

#Bad Habit 5 – Popping zits

It’s one of the most commonly bad habits seen among the teenagers, who are prone to pimples during their puberty days. My cousin used to squeeze out the pimple, whenever it popped up on its face, thereby leaving behind scars and also blood sometimes.

#Bad Habit 6 – Plucking ingrown eyebrows between threading sessions

You had your eyebrows groomed last week and you have a party tonight. Suddenly you notice some ingrown hairs in your eyebrows, spoiling your shape. Another tempting reason to pluck them off is because these little rascals have shown up and you can feel them. So, you just take a plucker and tweeze them out.

bad beauty habit tweezing eyebrows

Result – Sometimes you end up with scars and infection, leaving your skin loose in the long run. By the time you reach 40, your eyebrow skin would have loosened up. It’s better to have patience and only remove them from your pro through threading.

#Bad Habit 7 – Wrapping towel and combing wet hair

It’s a common thing seen in almost every Indian house – ladies wrap their wet hair with towel, as soon as they leave the bathroom. While we just do it to dry the hair quickly, it actually damages the hair. The shampoo and conditioner would have softened the hair so much that when we gather the wet locks on top our head with a turban, they tend to break easily because of the stretching.

bad beauty habit wrapping wet hair with towel

The same rule applies to combing wet hair even. Most of us have the habit of combing wet hair soon after shower, leading to further hair loss. Treat your locks with love and utmost care. Instead of being harsh on them, try squeezing them gently to ooze out water and wipe gently with towel. Later you can use a hair drier if you’re in rush.

#Bad Habit 8 – Touching face all the time

Subconsciously some women have the habit of touching their face throughout the day, especially when their hands are free while reading, watching TV or lost in thought.

bad beauty habit touching face all timeYou cannot give the guarantee of clean hands all the time, so keep the germs at bay at least from getting transferred to your face, which can easily show up the outcome. If your hands are oily then avoid taking them to face. I know it’s quite difficult to stay away from the face, but if you’re serious about getting flawless and glowing skin then you need to put it into practice.

#Bad Habit 9 – Plucking grey hair

I remember how my roommate used to scream aloud seeing a grey hair in her locks and how she would run for a scissor or tweezer to pluck it out.

bad beauty habit plucking grey hairThe major reason why you shouldn’t pluck it is the moment you pluck it, it leaves behind the follicle which leads to growth of grey hair at the same place. Secondly, imagine you have a perfect hair bun and a short grey hair stands erect since you had cut it or plucked it earlier.

It’s better to go for heena or herbal hair dye to get rid of those embarrassments.

#Bad Habit 10 – Washing and not washing your face

Soon after waking up, you should never wash your face with a cleanser or face wash, as harsh cleansers and scrubs will only damage your skin rather than cleaning.

bad beauty habit not washing face at night

Before going to bed, many of you forget to wash your face. This time you should use your face wash to ensure all the day’s accumulated dirt, greese and oil have been washed off for a clean and healthy skin.

Hope you found this post useful! Do share your bad beauty habits and we’ll suggest you how to get rid of them!
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