15 Awesome Outfit Ideas For Summer


Awesome Outfit Ideas For Summer
Summer is just around the corner, and its time for you to start stocking up for the next season. Summers are my absolute favorite; you can wear short shorts, strappy dresses, Sunglasses, play around with tops, crop them, and tear them- just so many things to get artsy within the summers.

Summer season brings back those styles that you couldn’t afford to wear during the cold. I remember giving you ideas as to what all you could do to style your cardigans; hence its time for the summer must haves. Usually, we have our closets full of stuff that we have worn already, so this time wear them differently, or give it some pop with accessories or cool footwear and see what it does.

I strongly believe that trends may come and go, what you need to basically learn to do is make the most of it even when it’s not really in fashion anymore. Work around those clothes to get a new look and also not look passé.

Let’s get started on Outfit Ideas For Summer:

1. Shirtdresses

Shirtdresses are super cool. Just look at how diverse the below three looks are. The first one is ultra casual with the sling bag and the crazy wavy hair. Contrary to that is the second, where the idea is to look chic. The heeled boots and the bag just go perfectly. The third look is girly with a dash of print on the dress and that pretty little piece of jewellery around the neck.

Source: pinterest.com

2. Style with belts

The Obi Belt is one interesting accessory to work with. Wear it with a dress, pair it with your jeans or your maxi dress. It’ll add that contrast to your outfit and give you the hourglass-ish feel. Have one of these in your wardrobe this season.

Style with belts
Source: pinterest.com

3. Bohemian Chic

We have seen a lot of prints come in and go out of trend every season. This time around, the bohemian print and culture is what you will get to see more often. Here are some interesting accessories and bangles to go with those loose dresses and tresses.

Bohemian Chic
Source: pinterest.com

4. The Wrap Skirt

Keep it casual with a printed skirt and a loose solid colour top or wear a dark colour skirt with a light floral top to look informal yet classy. I’m bored of the usual pencil skirts, so this wrap skirt is like a breath of fresh air that you can include in your office wear, or for any occasion.

Wrap Skirt
Source: pinterest.com

5. Sheer

This has been off and on every season since a long time now and no, we aren’t complaining. I like the idea of the mystery of what’s underneath with the sheer fabric. It doesn’t give away a lot but does a little. From see-through tops to transparent skirts, you can find sheer in any form, and they all look hot. You need to play this trend right though, as sheer can be very risky to pull of.

Source: pinterest.com

6. Androgyny

I love every bit of this look. The relaxed, very comfy style is what I dig. Loose pants, cropped or folded up, big belts, basically you will have to borrow a little from your boyfriend’s wardrobe, and you are good to rock it. Androgyny could be tricky and should be kept minimal. There is fine line between what’s classy and what’s tacky.

Source: pinterest.com

7. Maxi

This is my go-to in most cases since the length is nothing to argue about and the styles that are available today are just all that you could ever ask for. Look at these three different styles of maxi dresses, the first with the cutesy star print all over and the interesting arm cut, the second is pretty with that long slit and the romantic cut, the third is casual and perfect for a lunch date with friends.


Source: pinterest.com

8. One shoulder

This one style is something that hasn’t seen the light of day since long. Sport this trend in the form of a dress, or a top, with skin-fit jeans or even straight skirts. The best part about this look is that you get to accessorize your neck. Wear a neck piece that balances out the one shoulder bit.

One shoulder
Source: pinterest.com

9. The Summer Blazer

Why should blazers be restricted only to winters. Did you know, it’s even more fun to wear them in the sun? Summer coats come in fabrics that are suitable for the heat and helps you style your look. A plain blazer or a floral or one with abstract print on it is sure to fix up your look and it keeps your arms shaded from the sun.

Summer Blazer
Source: pinterest.com

10. Culottes

This is one very chic trend that you must try out this season. The cut of these trousers is brilliant for the season since it’s airy and a lot of fun to style. I love the first look with the bright colours and the bralet top. Just getting the temperature higher.

Source: pinterest.com

11. Monochrome

Monochromes have always been our best friends. Try this simple look to look your best.

Source: pinterest.com

12. Colour blast skirts

Colour is the essence of the season and some perky tints can make you look bright and vibrant. Style it selectively, because overdoing it will spoil the outfit.

Colour blast skirts
Source: pinterest.com

13. Skater Dress

This has been in trend for some time now and works well for all occasion, from date nights to all girls day out and event college functions.


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