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3 Tips on How To Fake Eye Brows Even If You Don’t Have Them

by Fashionlady
How to Get Thicker Eyebrows

Fake eyebrows
While we wax eloquent about the ideal beauty norms across the globe, some of us may want to take a step back for now and read all about the brow talk.

Brows, brows not everywhere, so what to do

Fashion weeks have shown them pretty, glossy magazines depict the high and low arch, and the PYTs across the globe rush to parlours to get them filled, trimmed, waxed or ‘faked’. Yes you read that right, F-A-K-E-D!

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Don’t have it, just fake it, and here’s how

Indian women and most of the Asian ladies are blessed with sensual eyebrows, but then there are some of us who aren’t blessed with thick hair-tufts above the eyes. Blame it on genetics, hereditary or maybe an unfortunate turn in fate made you lose them, there is still hope.

3 Important tips

If you don’t have it, you got to fake it- Faking those brows didn’t kill anyone yet, and certainly isn’t a crime. If you don’t have natural brows- thick, shiny and nice to flaunt, girl you got to fake a little. Here’s how-

  • Grab a brow pencil or pick up a reputed brow powder- either of them would enhance the little you have above your eyes, bringing on to the face a full look
  • Light and gentle strokes does the magic, so do not be too heavy on the brows with the pencil or else the filling in wouldn’t be done well.
  • Use your wrist- twist and turn the wrist gently as you fill in the brows
  • Strokes need to be short and very light to emulate the natural hair growth
Tips for Thicker Eyebrows

Source: knoworthy.com

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Buy brow tints

Another way to fake those brows (which most celebs and models agree with) for a rainy day would be by using a brow tint. Here’s how-


  • Get in touch with the parlour girl, because you need the hands of a pro at this one
  • Ask her to help tint the brows a little – an illusion would be created, bringing around brows so full that would last at least till mid-month
Eyebrow Makeup

Source: beautylish.com

Never use stencils

Most women make the biggest mistake of using stencils, knowing fully well how think our brows are- it should stop right now! This is because, each of us have unique shapes when it comes to the brow. Stencil filling may suit the glossy magazine girls or your next door neighbour- but may look horrible when you try it. Stencil moreover does not define the eyes and the facial structures all too well- an important consideration to make when thinking of the stencil. This is why, refer to the first tip- use a brow powder or a pencil.

Eyebrow Stencils

Source: pinimg.com

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We hope these three tips on faking the brows come in handy! Have fun and flaunt your beautiful face to the world out there- you never know when the big break arrives. And while we bid adieu, please remember to stop TWEEZING whatever you have left- unless of course you are planning a trip to MARS, we’ve heard the aliens are BROWLESS and cute!

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